How To Be Part of Fashion Week

Fashion week is one of the most celebrated events around the world every year.  It is when the industry convenes in four venues—New York, London, Milan and Paris—in order to showcase designer’s new lines of clothing.  It is also during fashion week when up-and-coming designers and fashionistas alike get the next vibe for the coming clothing season, which is why it is no wonder that it is one of the most-attended events in the world.  If you want dibs on an invite into this very exciting event, here are a few ways to get yourself in:

  1. Journalists.  Fashion Weeks have long been industry-exclusive events open only to designers, models, journalists, fashion professionals and celebrities.  If you’re a journalist who’s raring to see Fashion Week, check your contacts database for any connections to the sponsors, models or designers who could find a way to let you in.  Check out the official fashion week website about application information for journalists.  Or, if you belong to a reputable media company who regularly sends reporters to the field during fashion week, ask your editor if you can cover the event.
  2. Models.  Central to the Fashion Week’s success are the models that grace the stage during every show.  If you’ve got the looks, the walk and the credentials to model high-profile clothing brands, then head on over to the official website of that city's Fashion Week to sign up.
  3. Volunteer.  If you live in New York and have free time on your hands during Fashion Week, you can contact the official volunteer recruiter of the event to see if you can volunteer.  But being a volunteer for fashion week is not a simple walk in the park—you’d be assigned clerical tasks and practically become an assistant to the organizers.  But who cares about simple work if you can get a glimpse of models, celebrities and new fashion highlights, right?
  4. Buy tickets.  If you’ve got the money, then prepare to empty your savings account for Fashion Week.  Tickets are sold at the official Fashion Week website, ranging from a meager $85 for a single show to as much as $5,000 for the whole event.  If you’re not keen on spending that much money, there are hotels during Fashion Week that offer packages that include tickets to different Fashion Week shows.  Some credit card companies also offer entertainment packages for those willing to see the show.  Check the websites of these hotels and companies for more information.

Of course, being able to find a way into the Fashion Week is merely the beginning of the quest.  You have to survive the most glammed-up event in the world by showing off your fashion prowess—come dressed in beautiful garb and be able to strut your stuff, even if you’re not on the catwalk.  You’ve just made it to the fashion event of the year, so make sure you are worthy of staying there.


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