How To Buy a Prom Dress

Prom is probably one of the biggest highlights in a little woman’s life.  Many young ladies have seen heartbreak and success stories during prom, owing to its self-empowering nature.  It is one of the “rites of passage” in a woman’s life, requiring a lot of thinking time and preparation on the part of the woman and her family.  But sometimes, it all comes down to what dress you’ll wear during prom.  Here are a few tips to make sure you get the perfect dress, one that can surely earn you the title of Prom Queen:

  1. Know your fit.  Most fashion disasters occur because of a wrong fit—bulges sticking out, sleeves falling over, trims showing off.  If you want to look and feel good inside your dress, know your right fit.  Don’t try to fit into a size 3 dress if you know you’re a size 6—or at least try to make an effort to make sure that by the time you’re wearing your dress, you’re of the appropriate size.
  2. Decide on a color, or a color scheme.  Proms dresses are usually single-colored or follow a single scheme, so decide early on which color you’d prefer your dress to have.  Is it pink with white lining?  Or do you want to go crazy and incorporate as much color as you want?  Sometimes the right color and color combination can make or break a dress, so be careful with what you choose.
  3. Check out the latest styles.  Are knee-length dresses the in thing nowadays?  Or maybe you’d like something that’ll cover up the length of your arm and have trimmings at the end?  Should you opt for a tight or a loose dress?  These are just some of the things you should consider when buying a dress, and sometimes it’s best to check the latest styles out there in order to get an idea of what would look good on you.
  4. Flip open several magazines and websites.  There’s no better place to get inspiration from than magazines and fashion websites.  These people know what they’re talking about, and they give you the liberty to skim through different styles in one go.  Be sure to consult with your friendly Vogue or if you’re looking to buy a prom dress—they may just be able to save you from making a very bad decision.
  5. Retail or tailor-made?  There is a wide collection of retail prom dresses available on the market, but they can be quite expensive.  Plus it’s hard to get the exact look you want with a limited number of styles available.  If you want complete freedom in choosing what does and what doesn’t go into your dress, try to hire a tailor or a designer to make a dress for you.  This way, you can get your hands on it from the preparation to the making of the dress itself, adjusting a few kinks and details as you go along the way.

If you’re on a tight budget, maybe you can simply rent out a dress or borrow from other relatives.  Still, if you’re adventurous enough, maybe you can make one on your own!  The key here is to know what look and feel would make you comfortable during one of the biggest nights of your life.


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