How To Buy Pants - for Men

Buying pants for men seems as if it would be simple enough.  But one must keep in mind the various - and ever increasing - styles of pants as well as the different fabrics and colors available in order to select the most flattering pair of pants. Here's how to buy the best pair for your needs.

The first consideration when buying men's pants is size. Pants for men are typically sized using the waist circumference by the inseam length. For instance, 32x30 means the waist is 32 inches and the inseam 30 inches. To find your size, first measure your waist at the area around where the waistband of your pants usually sits. Next, measure your inseam by starting the measuring tape at the crotch and measuring along the length of the inside leg. Even though the numbers seem standard, it is important to always try on pants before buying them to be sure they fit. Occasionally, a tailor may be needed to hem or otherwise adjust the pants for the perfect fit.

After you have your size, there are still several things to consider when buying pants for men. It is useful to try on several different cuts of pants to determine which look best on your body.  Wide leg pants do not look good on everybody and neither do slim or skinny leg pants.

Men's pants can also either have a flat or pleated front. Pleated pants are not necessarily hip, but they are more formal and thus preferable for suit or tuxedo pants. Flat front pants are more casual and may also generally be more flattering in their appearance, as pleated pants may make the stomach look bigger than it is.

The fabric of the pants is the third thing to consider when you buy pants for men. A pair of polyester pants may not cost very much, but they also tend to not last very long, and don't look very good on the body. However, polyester pants are easier to care for and generally require less ironing than wool or cotton pants.

It is important to consider the climate in which the pants will be worn when selecting the materials. Wool pants are good to wear in colder weather  while linen pants are generally reserved for the summer. The color of the pants also needs to be selected carefully when you buy pants for men. Black and gray are appropriate for formal occasions while khaki pants and blue jeans are more casual.


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