How To Choose a Jewelry Armoire

Choosing the right jewelry armoire is a more difficult decision than you might think. There are a lot of points to consider. How much am I willing to spend? What kind of room do I need? Is the armoire going to be used for storage, or as a show case? Do I have kids or pets I need to protect my jewelry from? These are just a few questions you'll need to ask yourself before you make any purchases. Don't worry too much. Here is the best way to choose a jewelry armoire.

First, consider how much jewelry you have. Obviously, if you have several pieces, you'll need a larger armoire. If you have a small collection, a simple, table top model might suffice. Either way, keep in mind that your jewelry collection will probably grow, and change, in the future. Make accommodations for these inevitabilities now. You'll thank yourself later, when you don't run out of room.

Next, ask yourself this question: How valuable is my jewelry collection? If it is mostly costume jewelry, than you may feel safe with any armoire that has doors that shut properly, and drawers that stay closed. If your jewelry has some value, and you wish to keep the pieces in your home, maybe you should find a model that has a sturdy lock. You can't be too safe, so don't assume your diamond necklace can be kept in any old jewelry box.

A good lock will also come in handy if you have kids. As you probably already know, kids can get into anything. An armoire door that locks is a simple solution to this problem. You'll also want to keep in mind the overall craftsmanship of the piece when choosing a jewelry armoire. Kids, and pets, can be rambunctious, and can easily ruin furniture that is poorly built. Save yourself money, and agony, in the future and make an investment in a quality armoire.

The last point to ponder is price. How much are you willing to spend? An eight drawer, cedar, satin lined armoire can easily run $300 to $400. If this seems a little steep, then maybe you should try a little bargain hunting. Check out flea markets, and antique stores. Flip through the local paper, or surf the Internet. Any of these will help you in the quest for finding a jewelry armoire that will fit all of your needs, and your budget.


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