How To Collect Historic Designer Clothes

You may have a penchant for history, or you're interested in studying the fashion of past ages. Whatever your reason is, what are some of the ways to collect historic designer clothes?

Determine which era in history you'd like your clothes to be from. Are you interested in purchasing authentic historic outfits from the English Victorian era, or the post World War I period? Determine also which particular location you'd like your collection to be from: Would you like to concentrate on acquiring historic fashion from Europe, or from North Asia?

Once you've determined which particular era in history you'd like to focus your collection on then you'd be able to have a more organized search. Be advised that the more specific your preference is, however, the more challenging it might be to acquire a significant collection of it. Also, know that clothing from some historical periods are more easily attainable than others; the general rule is that the earlier that piece of clothing is, the harder it might be to find.

Order in advance. Be advised that authentic historic designer clothes are not common items in the market. That's why it's important to set realistic expectations and to order way in advance before you need to procure them. Take into consideration how long you have to search for the particular fashion items you like to purchase, and how long they have to be prepared and then shipped to your location.

Consider having the clothes constructed from scratch. If you're having a hard time finding authentic historic designer clothes from the era you're interested in, then why not have somebody make them for you? This is definitely more practical since actual clothes dating back to many years previously are quite rare and expensive. If you'd like to have a historic designer outfit just to display them or to wear at a costume party then it's a more practical idea for you to research on designs and then have a tailor make it for you. Not only will this be more convenient, you will be able to acquire one that can fit you well.

Have a ready list of auctions or antique stores where you can acquire the historic clothes. You could attend auctions or antique sales and visit history departments of universities and other historical institutions to inquire if they sell historic clothes. Scour the net for online shops that have these clothes available. You could also attend relevant exhibitions so you could learn not just about the fashion of that particular era you’re interested in but also its context – what significant events in history brought about its evolution, what were its contemporary trends and styles and how the fashion style developed even further.

Once you've set up a list of companies or museums that sell historic clothes then make sure to network and communicate effectively with them. As you establish rapport with them then you could probably benefit from discounts and special rates for regular customers.

Those are just some of the ways you can start with your historic outfit collection.  You can also sign up for some online fashion or design classes to learn how to identify truly historic outfits vs. cheap knockoffs.  Good luck and happy hunting!


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