How To Know the Meaning of Birthstones

Birthstones were once considered mystical and were recognized to have a significant place in a culture. Every person has a birthstone corresponding to his or her birth month. In total, there are 12 birthstones, one for each month of the year. Each birthstone has its own unique color and meaning, describing the possible characteristics of the person born during that month. 

Through time, birthstones have acquired many different meanings that were passed down through generations from different countries. Although the meanings have gone through some slight alterations based on culture and beliefs, the symbolic essence of the birthstones remain.

Today the ways people interpret the meaning of birthstones have been influenced by modern innovations. Modern meanings have been introduced, making the once mystical interpretations of birthstones more acceptable to the modern age. Below is a list of the months with their corresponding birthstone, color, and meanings:

  • January (Garnet). People born in January are consistent, can endure difficult situations, are creative, and are very patient.
  • February (Amethyst). The color of this birthstone is purple, which symbolizes intuition, sincerity, spirituality, healing and happiness.
  • March (Aquamarine). People born under this month are courageous, creative, friendly and loving.
  • April (Diamond). The colorless state of this stone symbolizes invincibility, innocence, courage and strength.
  • May (Emerald).  Those who were born during this month are known to have very good foresight into situations, opening doors to success. These people are also loving and happy.
  • June  (Pearl). The pure white color of the pearl symbolizes purity, innocence, wealth and tranquility. The word pearl is the Latin equivalent for “unique”. Some cultures suggest that bearers of this birthstone have the ability to turn bad fortune to good.
  • July (Ruby). People born in this month are believed to be noble and to easily find contentment. They are considered to be devoted and have integrity.
  • August – (Peridot). This stone either has an olive green or yellow green color. This means that people born under this birthstone are closer to success and happiness during marriage. The stone represents good luck and is believed to give protection against “evil”.
  • September (Sapphire). People born under the stone of September have exceptional abilities to think clearly even under pressure. In addition, these people are also full of wisdom.
  • October (Opal). The color of an opal usually changes, so it is quite hard to determine its true color. The word opal was derived from the Greek word “opallus” which means, “change in color”. The Roman term "Cupid Paederos” which meant, “A child as beautiful as love” also referred to the opal. An opal symbolizes purity, innocence and hope. During early times, people considered carrying an opal to be bad luck if it were not your birthstone.
  • November (Yellow Topaz). People born in this month are blessed with providence, serenity and the gift of friendship.
  • December (Blue Topaz). The blue topaz is considered as the official modern birthstone to represent the month of December. The word topaz was derived from the Sanskrit word “tapa” which referred to fire. The blue topaz proudly represents fidelity and love. It was once believed that this stone had the ability to cure asthma and insomnia. Another myth about the blue topaz is that when it is thrown into hot water the water actually cools down.


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