How To Come up with Famous Couples Costumes

Couple dressed as vampires

If you and your significant other have been invited to a costume party, you can take your costume inspiration from the many famous couples that have graced history in areas ranging from entertainment and politics to the literary world and the pages of comic books.

The great romances of history offer lots of costume possibilities.  Toga costumes, laurel wreath headdresses and plenty of gaudy jewelry and make-up highlight Marc Antony and Cleopatra from ancient Roman days.  Wear a baseball uniform and cap to become Joltin' Joe DiMaggio, accompanied by Hollywood glamour queen Marilyn Monroe in a skin-tight shimmering gown and bleach blond wig.  Elvis Presley, complete with guitar and jumpsuit, and raven-haired wife Priscilla Presley in flower power jeans and a embroidered linen top with billowing sleeves is perfect for music lovers.  And if you love monster romances, dress up as Frankenstein and his Bride, complete with neckbolts and electrically fried hair.

Natural-born dancers can emulate Fred Astaire with top hat and tails, escorting partner Ginger Rogers with her ball gown and tap shoes. Good singers can present themselves as Sonny and Cher, complete with long flowing hair, bell-bottomed trousers and day-glo colors from the sixties.

Famous couples from the comic book world can spring to life at a costume party.  Batman, complete with black cowl hood and boots, matches Batgirl, also masked and with a cape.  Costumes made from rabbit fur skins and cow hyde, accented by jewelry made from rocks, is perfect for going as Fred Flintstone and his ever-devoted wife Wilma. Superman, dressed in his red and blue flying suit with the signature S across the chest, wouldn't accept a party invitation without super reporter Lois Lane at his side, dressed in business suit and horn-rimmed glasses with reporter's notebook.

Headline-making duos from Hollywood movies offer plenty of costume inspiration.  A loincloth-covered Tarzan accompanies his sweet Jane, attired in safari gear.  Rhett Butler, in riding outfit and trademark mustache, escorts the belle of the ball, Scarlett O'Hara, in billowing hoop-skirted ball gown. Dorothy Gale from Kansas, decked out in gingham dress and pigtails, accompanies her favorite Wizard of Oz companion, the Scarecrow, with his straw hat, jeans and farm shirt.

Even the world of politics provides costume inspiration for couples.  Bill Clinton, in his blue suit with power-red tie, and wife Hillary dressed in one of her famous pantsuits.  Body-building California "Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger, in business suit carrying dumbells can accompany his wife, NBC correspondent Maria Shriver, in business dress with a microphone and tape recorder ready to catch the latest news scoop.


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