How To Find Dazzling Cocktail Party Dresses

Parties are thrown to create interaction among different kinds of personas. There are numerous kinds – birthday, baby shower, anniversary, despedida, bridal shower, stag party, christening, Halloween, Promenade, Christmas, Thanksgiving, cocktail and a lot more. For a party to become successful, every little detail should be scrutinized. Everything needs to be perfect. Everyone should be at his best. Among the best of all types of parties is the cocktail party. Not only can it serve many purposes, but it is also easier to throw than formal parties. Remember Audrey Hepburn in the flick Breakfast at Tiffany’s? She was the perfect cocktail party dresser. Elegance is the key!

Dazzle 1. Cocktails are midway between casual and formal parties. The little black dress is the most famous outfit for this kind of party. Fully sequined and full-length gowns are not necessary when attending evening cocktails. You can wear them to more formal occasions. Instead, opt for a semi-casual, elegant and feminine look. Length of dress can vary from slightly above the knee to just above the ankles.

Dazzle 2. Doll up according to the season. Wool material dresses are better for winter. Silky and linen clothes are more appropriate during summer and fall. For women, knee-length skirts paired with a classy top never fail to awe your party audience. Off-shoulder dresses with cottony material works best for afternoon cocktails. It shows off a bit of sexiness and at the same time, makes you feel comfortable.

Dazzle 3. Printed dresses dropping just above or a little below the knee also look pretty. Never pick a dress with bold or too big prints. It would only catch negative attention from the people around you. See to it that the prints will not disturb nor cause dismay to others in the party. Pair your cute cocktail dresses with fancy, heeled shoes or embellished flats.

Dazzle 4. To complete your look, accessorize! Show off your charming neck-pieces or your gold dangling earrings. Match accessories with your outfit and the cocktail theme. Do not overdo it. Spare your diamonds and other stone-studded jewelry for formal parties. The most important thing to remember is that you should wear something that gives you comfort. Do not sacrifice it just to look glamorous. You will end up wasting such a wonderful time.

To make cocktail parties more exciting, serve extraordinary, tasty recipes. People are not only after dressing up. Great tasting food also cheers them up. Drinks are essential parts of the entertainment, as they complete the fun. Cocktail drinks are a mix of two or more different kinds of liquor or fruit juices. Among the most popular cocktail drinks are the bloody mary, blue lagoon, martini, Long Island iced tea, margarita and piña colada. Add party favors that will make the party-goers remember the party. You can give away cocktail shakers, champagne bottle openers, cocktail party napkins, wineglass charms, etc. Once the party-goers use these favors in the future, they will surely remember the fun they experienced at the cocktail party.


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