How To Design Your Own Prom Dress

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Designing your own prom dress entails a lot of work; more so if you sew it yourself. If you are not a dressmaker, you had better just design your prom dress and have the best dressmaker sew it for you.

  • To design your own prom dress you have to plan in advance. Look through fashion magazines for the best style and fabric used by top dress designers for prom purposes. Since prom is the most important event in the life of a high school student, careful planning and decision making is very important. Get inspiration by looking at the different dress styles and designs in fashion magazines and in nearby boutiques. You can imagine yourself in the design and style of different dresses from the magazine as well as the displays in the boutiques.
  • Sketch the prom dress of your dreams immediately upon reaching home from your window shopping. You should have two to three sketches before you finally design your best choice. Consider your bulges and curves when you do the sketch. Consult a friend about the sketch that you plan for your prom dress. Consider suggestions.
  • Shoes, jewelry and handbag will go with your dress. So consider colors to match with them. When you submit your sketch to a local dressmaker, ask for the type of material that is best for your sketch. You can buy the material yourself or ask the dressmaker to provide it to you and bill you for the cost, including the labor.
  • Prom dresses are seldom sexy but usually classic. Your design must allow alternatives to some elements that may seem impractical. Your dressmaker knows best because of long experience in the industry. The finished product may not be award-winning, but a perfectly pretty one fitted for your age.
  • Designing your own prom dress is not easy, but it could be fun. You can make a lot of changes in the drawing and sketches that you made. You will have time to notice your body shape, your legs, your arms and your neck. You will begin to analyze what dress style is best for that body shape that you possess. Of course you would like to look sophisticated and elegant during the big night.

The prom could be a night to remember when you wear the prom dress that you designed. You could imagine yourself with the group of top dress designers who could demand their price. And you may even dream of becoming one of them. You only need to believe in yourself.

The best and most famous designers available may not have succeeded during their first try. But because of perseverance and determination, they achieved fame. Designing your own prom dress may be the start of your new occupation. Soon it will be easy for you to pencil lightly and easily the sketch of a prom dress, a party dress or a casual dress.


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