How To Do Spring Fashion

Spring is one of the most exciting seasons to dress for and the best time to experiment with your wardrobe. Gone are the heavy parkas and thick tights, back are the cotton dresses in vivid hues.  Some spring days will be filled with blue skies and chirping birds, while others may be as rainy and gloomy as winter.   But no matter what the skies look like, you'll look as fresh and pretty as the first blooms of spring if you know how to dress right. Read on to find out how to do spring fashion.

  1. Pick bold colors.  The color palette for spring usually revolves around vivid yellows, strong pinks, azure greens, and jewel tones. Not a person to wear bold colors? You can choose a cheerful shade like purple in a more muted tone.
  2. Let it flow. Spring is the season to let your legs breathe and feel the wind brush against your bare skin.  Ditch the jeans and look for dresses and skirts in soft, breezy fabrics.   If you don't like handling a lot of fluff, try a pair of shorts and a feminine top.
  3. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Accessories take off pressure from your outfit and can make a basic tank top look fabulous. Unearth your light cotton scarves, bandannas, and sunhats from your closet.  Invest in a pair of over-sized earrings or a large necklace with wooden beads and an ethnic-inspired pendant.  During spring, the bigger the better!
  4. Step out of your comfort zone and try at least one of the spring trends.  Here's what's hot on the spring 2009 runway:
  • The romper or jumpsuit.  Ranked number one in the must-have list of every fashionista, this one-piece wonder flatters all body types.  Because rompers are designed to be very roomy, you can easily hide your flaws and highlight your features.  Rompers and jumpsuits are available in all sorts of styles - as shorts, as pants, with asymmetrical tops, straight-leg, strapless, and collared.  The trick to wearing a romper or jumpsuit is to wear heeled sandals; sneakers and flats will make you look like a frumpy old lady or a kindergartner.
  • Harem trousers.  Nobody wears jeans in springtime, but fashion designers came up with a pants alternative for spring: harem trousers. These are soft, cottony pants that blouse out at the thigh area and narrow down in the ankle, creating an hourglass silhouette for every figure. Harem pants may look a little extreme, but they're actually very versatile pieces.  The trick to pulling off harem pants is to let them be the star of the outfit. Pair them with a plain shirt or tank top, low-key or no accessories, and your favorite pair of sandals.  For a glamorous nighttime look, wear a shimmery spaghetti strap top and sexy heels.
  • Gladiator sandals.  They were all the rage last year but everyone loved them so much, they're practically a wardrobe staple now. Gladiator sandals range from heels to flats, from ankle-length styles to below the knees.   Invest in a pair of gladiator flats and heels for your fabulous springtime look.


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