How To Dress for Casual Fridays

"Thank God it's Friday" or TGIF echoes in workplaces all around the world when Friday comes around every week! Not only are you just a day away from the weekend, it's also the day corporate America sheds its formal business wear in favor of casual clothes, setting the mood for a fun and relaxing weekend! You can dress casually, but "casual" Fridays don't mean wearing sloppy, dirty, torn or worn out clothes! There's a vast difference between casual dressing when you're in college (anything goes!) and casual dressing in the corporate world. If you're one of those people who fall into the latter category, listed below are some fashion rules which let you be casual, but are still in sync with workplace etiquette!

Casual dressing for work and play…

  • At work, Friday dress includes Dockers with polo shirts or dress shirts and pants without a tie for men. Women can wear a blouse or shirt with skirts or pants. Some companies allow women to wear dresses, but that doesn't mean you can wear one of your cocktail dresses to work! Well-tailored jeans with a polo shirt or blouse are another option that is allowed.
  • When at play, (and done with your day at work) it is time to unwind and party! Carry a set of spare clothes and accessorize them for a night out. Use colors and chunky jewelry to enhance your looks after a long day at work. There is no norm here, so go ahead with anything that suits your mood!

When in doubt, follow the rule book…

Most often human resource teams in companies set expectations for employees of both genders with respect to what attire is appropriate or inappropriate: broadly classified into business, business-casuals and casuals. Reading through the dress code or consulting an older employee will give you a rough idea of what is acceptable and what is not. Even if there is no company dress code, using your common sense and observing rules of decency and decorum should give you a fair idea of what constitutes casual Friday dress.

What to wear and not to wear...

  • As mentioned earlier, casual Fridays do not mean you get to wear sloppy, torn, wrinkled or baggy outfits to work!
  • Avoid wearing T-shirts with loud or offensive pictures on them.
  • Do not overexpose; ensure you do not wear anything that goes lower than your cleavage and higher than the knee.
  • Some companies also have strict rules about sleeveless tops or T-shirts or even collarless T-shirts.
  • Women should avoid wearing tank, tube or spaghetti tops, etc.
  • Carry spare outfits if you have meetings scheduled during the day.
  • Wildly colored hair or weird hairdos are also not acceptable in most companies.
  • Clean-shaven and well-groomed short hair is a must for men even on Fridays!

All in all, everyone wants to look their best; some end up showing their individual personalities and style, while others stick to the rules! Dressing for casual Fridays can be fun, but keep these pointers in mind. Formal or casual, always dress for success!


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