How To Find a Lara Croft Holster Belt

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With the popularity of the movie Tomb Raider, Lara Croft's signature outfit is still in demand as a Halloween costume.  To find a Lara Croft holster belt, the best way is probably to search first on the internet.  There are even forums dedicated to this film, and the members may be able to help you find a detailed replica of her holster belt.  The members of the forums can also help you find a store which may carry the Lara Croft holster belt, and they may know of websites that sell them. There are also auction websites where you can actually bid on the Lara Croft holster belt.

While shopping for the holster belt, remember that it comes in small, medium and large.  Some websites have international origins and the sizing may be different from what  you'd find in the States, so you should definitely have your measurements on hand. The measurements are taken from the hip and not from the waist.  Be sure to know the size you want if you are ordering one online. 

Some good websites to try to find the Lara Croft holster belt are ones which cater to gothic clothing and accessories.  Since black is the main color for gothic wear, and the belt's cut and overall look is bizarre, it shouldn't be impossible to find a replica belt or something close to it there. The belts offered for sale or bid are usually made of black pleather.  However, there are some places that will sell it in other colors.  Black is the primary color for the Lara Croft holster belt in most costume sets, and black is the color that was used in the film.  The skull belt buckle either can be purchased with the holster belt, or bought alone.  It is usually more inexpensive to purchase the buckle and belt together.

There are some ambitious fans out there who will actually make a Lara Croft holster belt, and it can be done.  However, a lot of us aren't that patient, and would rather find one already made.  If you do decide to make one, you can start with a black belt that has large loops or holes in it. Cut a cardboard form to give the belt the shape of the Lara Croft belt, and then attach it to the original belt by wrapping the entire thing in black duct tape.  Note where the holes are in the original belt, and use a drill to make holes in the belt once the duct tape has been completely wrapped around the belt and cardboard. Attach the skull belt buckle, and you're finished!

Halloween is a good time of the year to find the holster belt.  Lara Croft is still a popular costume for adults to wear to a great Halloween party.


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