How To Find a Little Black Dress Pattern Online

A pattern is a draft that is followed in making dresses and other types of clothing. Patterns are usually drawn and cut from cardboard or paper. This is the pattern followed when the fabric is ready to be cut to form a dress.

Sewing patterns are made to be able to make sewing easier for the dress maker. This will resemble the maker’s vision and will make it possible for the accurate creation of a clothing design. There are three methods for creating patterns that can be used by dress makers. The flat pattern is needed to create a slope or block for clothing that follows a jewel-necked bodice and a narrow skirt. The drafting method is commonly used for drafting men’s clothing. And lastly, the pattern draping method is commonly used for complicated and unique clothing designs.

Obtaining dress patterns is not a problem. You can find great sewing patterns in various places. Examples are book stores, sewing stores or just simply ordering it from specialty stores. An example of a specialty store is the Simplicity Pattern Company. It is a company that manufactures pattern guides. You can also browse online dress stores for free sewing patterns that you can use.

Female dresses, like a corset dress, flatter a woman’s body and show off natural assets, evening gowns or white dresses that bring out pure beauty and baby like innocence, and the famed evening dress or the little black dress popularized by Coco Channel are highly demanded in fashion nowadays. Owning one of these will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

Among the styles of dresses, the little black dress or LBD can be compared to a shirt. It is one of the most important basic pieces that must be present in a woman’s wardrobe. Every woman aspires to own a little black dress either in haltered design, strapless, high necked, sleeveless and so on. Little black dresses are considered simple yet elegant. Making your own little black dress can be a fun experience. You will be able to create your own design and style the dress based on your taste. You can browse online and look for patterns for your little black dress.

Here are some tips on how to find a little black dress pattern online:

  • Surf the Internet for simple little black dress patterns. Search the words “little black dress pattern” and choose a site where you can find a pattern. You can browse several websites so that you have a lot of patterns to choose from.
  • Look for different pictures of models wearing little black dresses and decide on what specific design you want to have. In doing this, remember that you have to take your proportions into consideration.
  • Visit websites like and have a look at the free dress patterns that are there. Also, check out their guided instructions on how to make a certain dress. Patterns can also be downloaded and printed from this website for your convenience.
  • If you have the budget, you can also shop for little black dress patterns at from websites sites like They sell little black dress patterns at a reasonable price.
  • Another helpful online site of LBD patterns is This site provides schematic pattern and guided instructions from pattern making up to sewing.

A woman’s wardrobe can never be complete without the presence of a little black dress. Keep an LBD style that will suit any occasion. You can dress up the little black dress with accessories and a pair of heels so that you can wear it to formal events. You can also use it for casual wear and pair it with flats and a handbag.


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