How To Find an Affordable Prom Dress

Planning for the prom is the most important event in the life of all young women. Every girl, on this day, wants to look her best. The mere mention of the prom gets them thinking about what to wear, where to find the best dress and if the problem is money, where to find an affordable prom dress. All girls dream of owning that one good dress similar to what a celebrity would wear while walking down the red carpet. While most girls go for designer collections such as Jovani, Alyce, Niteline, etc. (the leading design brands in the industry); some prefer buying less expensive dresses which look branded, while a few may want to make their own prom dress. Listed below are some helpful guidelines on finding and owning an affordable prom dress.

Advance planning. Time is of the essence, and finding a stunning but affordable prom dress requires planning. This includes enough time to save money, browse through shops, malls, magazines, etc., or online to get ideas or actually buy that perfect prom dress. Keep yourself free two days before the prom to pamper yourself, so you look your best!

Money and budgeting. While planning, you may also want to check out part-time or flex-time jobs that help in having a bigger budget for your prom dress, not to mention accessories such as jewelry and shoes.

Browsing for the right dress. Try on anything you set your eyes on. You may not realize it, but that ugly thing on the hanger may just look like the dress you've always wanted to own. Sometimes, the dresses may look ugly on the hanger, but once tried on, make you look stunning or vice versa. The right fit can be cleverly tailored and hence you could even look for even dresses in a larger size. Accessorize to make that simple dress look stunning.


  • Sales or bargain: Sales or stores which encourage bargaining are the best option to look for an affordable dress, especially if they're in odd sizes or are slightly damaged. You may want to try these on keeping in mind a dressmaker can fix most issues with the dress. You will find some of the most gorgeous dresses at a second's sale or at bargain stores.
  • Internet: This is the easiest and most time saving mode to shop. You can browse through new or second hand dresses found on any of the auction/sale sites at affordable prices. Also, ensure you factor shipping and delivery times, if you end up buying your prom dress off the Internet.
  • Borrow: Spread the word among family and friends to check on options - someone may have an expensive and stunning dress they wore just once or didn't like the look after having already spent lots of money on it or are simply finished with it. Perhaps, they would be more than happy to lend or gift it to you.


  1. Visit malls to check on branded or designer wear will give you an idea of the current trends in color, fabric and styles.
  2. Look for a tailor who can make a copy of the designer dress that you liked at half (or even less) the amount on the price tag of that dress.

You may not have a fairy Godmother watching over you like Cinderella did, but with these few pointers in mind, you will know how to look like a princess at your next prom.


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