How To Find Dress Styles for Pear Shaped Women

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The pear shaped body is characterized by a thin waist and upper body coupled with a heavier hip and thigh area.  Ask any pear shaped woman and she will tell you that it is not easy to find the right look to flatter her particular problem areas.  These women spend countless hours in dressing rooms across America, in search of dresses that will accentuate their slender waists and hide their ample hips.  The best way to find dress styles for pear shaped women is to go into the clothing store with a few tricks up your sleeve.  Here's how to use some of those tricks:

  • Belts can be a pear shaped woman's best friend.  Wearing a belt, or any tie around the waist, can bring emphasis to a pear shaped woman's sleek, slender waistline.  A wrap dress fits a pear shaped body perfectly.  Avoid large, loud prints on these dresses - especially ones that emphasize the lower half of the body.  Instead, consider a plunging neck line to show off your bust.
  • Dress styles for pear shaped women should also always draw the eye upward.  Why not try wearing a dress that is two toned, with a brighter color on top, and a more muted hue on the bottom? Another good tool is a lavishly decorated neck line.  Beaded detail along a V-neck looks lovely on this body shape, and brings the eye toward your most beautiful feature, your face.
  • Always look for a dress that will hug your curves loosely.  The best dress style for a pear shaped woman is far and away an A-line dress. An A-line dress will hug at the waist, and flow over the hips and upper thighs.  These dresses look the best on this particular frame when they are at least knee length.  Pear shaped women tend to have thicker thighs, and wearing shorter skirts will only draw attention to this feature.  Instead, try a knee, ankle, or floor length dress.

Feminine is one word that pear shaped women do not need to fear.  As a matter of fact, when shopping for dress styles for pear shaped women, it is a word you should keep in mind.  The more soft, flowing and effeminate the dress, the better.  After all, women were meant to have curves, especially around the hips, and that is exactly what makes a pear shaped woman so beautiful.  So if you do have this body, don't hide it: you are truly what a woman is meant to look like.


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