How To Find Stripper Clothes

So, you want to become an exotic dancer. Well, the first thing you will need to do - aside fom learning how to dance - is find stripper clothes. This task is easier said than done. Read on to learn how to find stripper clothes without spending an arm and a leg.

One of the most important articles of clothing a stripper can have is a T-back, also known as a G-string. The types of G-string underwear you see in department stores are not the same as those worn by most exotic dancers. In some cities, it is required that dancers wear double lined T-backs where the bottom portion has a specific measurement. This is to guarantee that nothing can be seen through the black lights, and that the crotch areas are adequately covered. Some strippers actually refer to them as ‘legal T-backs’. These are usually only sold in stores which specifically carry stripper clothes, but you may also find them at smoke shops and online. You can also find stripper clothes on eBay.

Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, and other popular department stores are not the best places to find stripper clothes, but it is possible to find suitable alternatives there. Browse through the lingerie section and you may find some very cute corsets or push-up bras. If you are lucky enough to be shopping during the summer season you might find two-piece swimsuits that could double as dance outfits. Be sure to look at their selection of wraps, or sarongs, as well. A mini waist wrap looks adorable on stage over a skimpy swimsuit.

Some clubs are required by city ordinance to have their dancers wear pasties. Some are strict and require latex; others are more lenient, only recommending stickers. Latex can be bought at novelty stores, strippers’ clothing stores, or even hobby stores.  Some women even use non-toxic fabric paint in place of latex.

Finally, don’t forget your feet. Standard pumps are generally inadequate for stage dancing. They are difficult to dance in, and make it easier for you slip. Skip a trip to Payless for dance shoes, and opt for a shop where they specialize in stripper shoes. You will need to know how they feel on your feet, and how well you maneuver in them. If you are an experienced dancer and know what you like, check out the online selection. There are many online stores that carry a wide selection of dancer shoes at reasonable prices.


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