How To Find Styles from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Nobody makes wearing bras and panties flashier and sexier than Victoria's Secret, especially during their annual fashion show.  Held every December, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the most anticipated and celebrity-attended fashion event of the year, with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Martha Stewart in the audience.  The show itself is a huge production number that features over-the-top pieces, such as the $5 million Fantasy Bra designed by Marvin Katz.  Adorned with real diamonds and rubies, this rare piece is more ornamental than functional and is not available for sale to the normal consuming public.  However, you can snag the looks worn by the gorgeous gazelles on the runway! Read on to find out how to find styles from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

  1. Most of the lingerie featured in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be available in the Victoria's Secret catalogue for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter of the coming year.  So unless you know someone who's a higher-up employee of Victoria's Secret, it looks like you're going to wait until the featured lingerie hits the shelves.  But who says you have to wait till then to splurge on new lingerie?  Check out what Victoria's Secret has in store now and you just might find similar pieces to the ones featured in the fashion show.
  2. If you've never bought lingerie from Victoria's Secret before, the fashion show will surely inspire you to don their sexy under things!  Don't just buy a simple bra and cotton panties--be adventurous and go for the racy numbers. Barely-there thongs, lacy push-ups, maybe even thigh-highs and a corset.  Your boyfriend or your husband will definitely appreciate your new look.  And you don't have to be Adriana Lima or Alessandra Ambrosio to model lingerie for your private party for two. You can even make a little fashion show of your own in the bedroom!
  3. The theme of the 2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was Return to Glamour.  Stylist Charlotte Stockdale, designer Todd Thomas, and makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury combined their efforts to create iconic looks that Victoria's Secret models are known for.   To infuse this look into your everyday wardrobe, think large and flashy: dresses in colorful hues that bare just enough skin, large glittering jewelry, and don't spare the lace, ruffles, and feathers!  Tone down the makeup and go for a sophisticated look made up of earth tones.  Or you could wear dramatic eye makeup, a single-color dress, and large bling.
  4. There's no way anyone can get such a gorgeous tan in the middle of the winter... is there?  All of the models in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show received their head-to-toe radiant bronzed glow from the Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze collection.  The self-tanning body spray sells for about $18 and feature an ultra-fine mist that produces a natural looking tan in just a few hours.  With its advanced application technology and natural hydrators, a smooth, sun-kissed color can be yours in the middle of the winter.  Infuse yourself with their exclusive, creamy, nut-based Castanha do Brasil fragrance so you can smell as sweet and yummy as you look.


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