How To Find Tiffany Prom Dresses

Tiffany prom dresses are popular with teenage girls who want to know how it feels to be a princess at a ball even for just one night.  Tiffany prom dresses are styled in a way that each dress becomes a timeless reminder of elegant and exquisite ball gowns in the past.  Each new gown is patterned from a classic design, but given a modern touch that is suitable to present "in" prom dress fashion.

Tiffany Designs is just one of the ten designer labels under the House of Wu.  Their website has a gallery that contains their dresses which are sold in over 2,800 retail outlets.  You cannot buy a dress directly from the Tiffany site but only through their authorized retail outlet.

Naturally, it follows that the first step you need to do in finding the Tiffany dress for you is to go to their homepage.  Click on the tabs of their online design gallery and choose the dress that you like.  Each dress has a stock number so you should have a pen and paper handy for taking note of the stock numbers.  Have at least three choices ready so you will be left with options if the dress of your choice is not available.  Although Tiffany Designs change their style selections yearly and according to season, the usual cuts are brought back year after year in each collection.  These cuts include: the ball gown, short and flirty, form fitted, and tea length.

Next, click the tab of the store locator and find the retail outlet nearest you.  Take note of the addresses, phone numbers, and store hours.  It would be better if you call first and inquire if the dress that you want is in stock before going there to save on time and effort.

Once you have confirmed that the Tiffany prom dress you like is in stock, book a private appointment in the shop of your choice.  You will need to set aside a couple of hours for measuring and dress fitting.  Most formal wear shops have a purchase list.  This ensures prom goers that their dress is unique as possible.  Ask the store personnel for the purchase list and go over it.  See if you know someone from your school that already bought your dress of choice.  Avoid having a duplicate as much as possible.

If you plan to shop online, you will need to measure yourself first and not rely on standard sizes.  Get your exact measurement and compare it with the manufacturer's size chart.  Also, be wary of the color of the dress.  The color of the dress that you see online may be actually in a slightly different hue so choose safe colors.

Before settling on your final choice, you can still flip through some recent magazines to keep you updated on the styles in season.  You should also choose a style that will fit and flatter your features.  Look for a color that will bring out the best in you.  With all these resources available, finding the Tiffany prom dress of your dreams is not difficult.



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