How To Find Vintage Stockings

Vintage hosiery is appealing because it evokes the glamour and femininity of the 1940s and 1950s. Hollywood starlets would seduce leading men with red lipstick and a glimpse of a stocking-clad leg. Wearing vintage and vintage-inspired stockings adds that touch of glamour and sex appeal inspired from decades ago. However, with modern clothing styles revealing ample amounts of skin, it can be difficult to dress in a way that will tease more than expose.

First, you need to know what makes a stocking look vintage. Classic examples of vintage stockings will be either beige or black, and will usually have a seam that runs vertically up the back of the leg. The stockings will end about mid-thigh and will be secured by a garter belt, or suspenders, as they are called overseas.

As you can imagine, it might be difficult to find authentic vintage stockings, but there are still a few places that might carry them. Start with your local Goodwill or charity shop. They may have a retro section where you could spot a few pairs of vintage hosiery. Next, you could try stores that specialize in vintage clothing and accessories. These stores will likely be more expensive than Goodwill, but you might have better luck finding hosiery. If you are still hitting dead ends, try a site like Ebay or even your local Craigslist. There is still a market for vintage clothing and you might happen to find someone who just happens to be selling their collection of 1950s pin-up clothes.

If you are still unsuccessful, or just want to purchase vintage-inspired items that are brand new, there are many stores that offer vintage-inspired hosiery. Stores that specialize in lingerie like Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood and Agent Provocateur all offer a vast selection of hosiery and garter belts. The styles range from classic to funky and very colorful.

Now that you've found your vintage stockings, or vintage-inspired stockings, do you know how to wear them? Make sure to remove all jewelry before slipping into your stockings, and take your time to put them on, or you'll end up tearing your stockings before you even get to wear them! If you are planning to display them in the bedroom, sexy lingerie and a dab of perfume would showcase your stockings beautifully. However, a sleek and feminine dress or skirt with a slit up the thigh will discreetly display your stockings as you move.


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