How To Find Vintage T-Shirts Online

Vintage t-shirts are not only popular and look interesting, but they are also quite comfortable to wear. The vintage trend has also become sort of timeless nowadays, so you can't be out of fashion when you're wearing a vintage shirt. But vintage shirts can also be a bit rare. You might be able to find one stowed in your father's closet or in the house of an older relative or friend, but whether you will be able to plead or barter it from their hands depends on how willing they are to let go of their vintage shirt, or even on how they see you as a person. Anyway, you might be looking for your own style that deviates from your family's or friends', so you might want to look elsewhere.

There are other places, of course, where you can find a vintage shirt. If you don't mind walking, you can browse in a thrift shop or a rock t-shirt specialty store to get vintage shirts cheap. Looking in a thrift shop yourself would also mean that you can see what condition a shirt is in before you buy it, so you can browse and buy easily since you can personally inspect your choices and see if a used item is still in good condition, or if it has a stain which looks impossible to remove, or frayed sleeves. You might even come across some rare collectibles, or watches and earrings to go with some other finds. You might also be surprised at the prints that you will see on some of these shirts, from hardware-looking things to typewriters, cars and band logos.

If you don't have the time or the temperament to leave home, however, you can shop for your vintage shirt on the Internet. If you're not one to worry about scams or possibly bootlegging something, you can search on eBay for vintage shirts offered at the lowest prices, or you can trade or advertise for one in Craigslist. But if you're looking to buy from a more secure and reliable source, here are a few online shops which you might want to browse in for both genuine vintage shirts and new ones with a vintage look:

  • This is one big site for all kinds of t-shirts, with a large selection on vintage shirts.
  • This site does not specialize in just vintage, but it does have a nice section devoted to vintage shirts.
  • You might see some especially hard to finds available for sale on this site.
  • This is a cool site where you can get graphic t-shirts open for your customization, which means that you can specify what kind of vintage look you want for your shirt depending on your taste.
  • Loops and This is another fun site which offers the sale of funny vintage shirts, vintage rock t-shirts, indie clothing, as well as fashionable bags and accessories. They offer free shipping within the United States when you buy upwards of $75 worth of items from their store.



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