How To Fit a Bra Properly with this Guide

A bra that fits correctly can help you look and feel better. A properly fitted bra provides adequate support without unsightly bulges or digging into your shoulders. Your clothes will look better and you will look slimmer wearing the right size bra.

You will need measuring tape to find out your correct bra size. It will be easier if you enlist the aid of a friend to help you take the measurements. Make sure you wear the best fitting, non-padded bra that you currently own when taking measurements to determine your proper bra size.

Step 1

Measure under your breasts, under your bust and parallel to the ground to determine your band size. Many women wear a band size that is too large, so make sure to pull the tape snug and exhale first.

To determine your bra band size, add four inches if the measurement is even or five inches if it is an odd measurement. For example, if you measure 29 inches, add 5 inches for a bra band size of 34.

Step 2

Standing with your arms at your side, measure around the fullest part of your bustline. Make sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the ground and not pulled too tight around your bust.

Step 3

You calculate your cup size by subtracting your band size (step 1) from your bust size (step 2).

Warning: These sizes are a guideline only and no substitute for trying a bra on before buying; however, in general, cup sizes are as follows:

No difference = AA
1 inch = A
2 inches = B
3 inches = C
4 inches = D
5 inches = DD/E
6 inches = DDD/F
7 inches = G
8 inches = H
9 inches = I
10 inches = K

All manufacturers size a little differently. Try on the bra to make sure that it fits properly. Bend forward and make sure the breasts are fully contained in the cups. Fasten on the tightest set of hooks as over time the bra's elastic will stretch and loosen. Look to make sure that your breasts do not spill from the cups or that the cups are gaping, as this is a sign the bra doesn't fit. Make sure that the bra stays below the bust, snug against the ribcage and doesn't ride up. If the bra doesn't fit either try a band size down and a cup size up or a band size up and a cup size down next.


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