How To Get Get Freaky Eye Contacts

How often do you want to look different, stand out, or just be freaky? What do you do? You go get freaky eye contacts; that's what you do. There are literally endless possibilities in freaky eye contacts, ranging from solid colors, to intriguing designs.

First you are going to want to do some research on what kind of freaky eye contacts you want. These are going to range from solid colors such as black and white freaky eye contacts to different shapes and designs like a cat's eye. Once you choose a design for your freaky eye contacts you are going to have to find a place to buy them.

There are many places online that you may buy freaky eye contacts, some of these places may require a letter from a doctor or a prescription. But for the most part, freaky eye contacts are easy to acquire.

I personally used to wear freaky eye contacts all the time to school, work, and out to clubs or parties. I had a few pairs of freaky eye contacts that scared even me to have them on. My favorite contacts were the reptile's eye freaky eye contacts. The reptile's eye has a slit of black down the middle, and green coloring. These freaky eye contacts made me the center of attention!

After you receive your freaky eye contacts there are a few things you should know about the care and use of them. First, wash your hands, you don't want to be putting in your freaky eye contacts with dirty hands and risk getting dirt and bacteria in your eyes.

Then, you want to rinse the lenses off with a contact saline solution that you can purchase from your local drug store. There are many kinds, but I prefer the No-rub cleaner and eye drops. Using these, you can clean your freaky eye contacts and use the bottle as eye drops if your eyes get irritated and dry.

After the freaky eye contacts are clean, you can begin placing them in your eyes. Put the contact on one of your fingers so that it looks like a cup and press it to your eye. They should suction right in, and after blinking a few times you are set. Your freaky eye contacts are now in!

Rinse using the solution as needed and have fun getting attention with your new freaky eye contacts! 


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