Finding Varsity Lettermen Jacket Patches: Sew on Patches

Find Patches to Create Custom Letterman Jackets

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When you purchase letterman jacket patches it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for at the quality you deserve. Yes, the patches are sold everywhere, but where can you get high-quality patches at a reasonable price? If you have no idea what you are looking for, be warned that you may fall prey to scam resellers, fake jacket patches, or horrible quality patches. Besides, it's all about creating custom letterman jackets so yours is a bit unique and different compared to all the others at school. 

The first thing you want to look for is the patch material. Most are made from either wool or fleece. Both of these materials will work fine. What you want to avoid are patches made out of cloth or starchy materials. If you come across companies that sell these, stay away. These materials seem to wear out very quickly. Another material used to make these patches is denim. If you are not looking for this type of patch, make sure it is made from quality denim reather than rejuvenated denim.

Once you've found a store that sells the material you're after, check for the store's history. If it is an online letterman jacket patch store then this task will be far easier on you. Do a quick search on or for the store name. Find out if the fabric is quality and that the store stands by its promises. Check a couple of sources for testimonials and reviews - most sites put up their own testimonials, but you can often find offsite reviews that will be more reliable. 

Before you make a final purchase, make sure that the patches can be easily sewn on. You may have a choice between iron and sew on patches. You want to sew on the patch. Some stores will sell a patch that is clearly not made to have a needle and thread go through it. If that is the case, stay away from that store. Some letterman patches may be quite thick; in these cases, using a machine to do the sewing may prove much easier.

When shopping for letterman patches, the main thing to find out is whether store you want to buy the patches from is trustworthy and if they can supply patches at the price you can afford; after all, you want these patches to endure not only through high school, but for years to come. If you are setting out to find patches be sure to check each store's past customer reviews, and whether you'll be able to sew the individual patches on your student's letterman jacket.


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