How To Go Clothes Shopping

For some, shopping is a necessity.  Still others consider shopping a hobby.  Shopping for clothes can be fun or miserable, depending on your mindset when you head out to the stores.  There are lots of things to consider when you are clothes shopping.  What are you shopping for?  Is it a holiday, a season, a special occasion?  These are all things to keep in mind when you set foot into a store.

Shopping for seasonal clothes includes shopping for winter coats and bathing suits.  Winter clothing fashions usually feature darker colors and thicker fabrics, while spring clothes usually have brighter colors.  You will see a lot of dresses for women and brightly-colored polo shirts for men.  There may be some shorts out for spring, but shorts are mostly sold during the summer season.  As I mentioned, you'll also find bathing suits, beach towels, and bathing suit cover-ups during the summer shopping season.  For women, tank tops, t-shirts, and shorts will be the main clothing items.  Men will have shorts, polo shirts, and regular t-shirts.  Fall clothing will be pants and longer sleeved shirts in traditional fall colors such as orange, dark yellows, and browns.

Holidays and special occasions often warrant their own special shopping trip.  Christmas dresses can be found pretty quickly after Thanksgiving Day.  These outfits are often made from velour or from fabrics such as satin that offer some shimmer.  Colors are red velvet, navy blue, and silver.  Summer special occasions may include weddings, prom, or   last day of school parties.  The summer dresses will have tank, halter, or even strapless designs.  The fabrics will be more satin-like and flowing.

The hardest part of clothes shopping is finding the right size for your body.  Everyone has a different build and your top half will not always match your bottom half size-wise.  Once you find a clothing item that you think you like, take the size that you think you are and try it on.  Trying on clothes is the most important part of your shopping trip.  Different brands of clothes have different sizing, so Brand X jeans in a size 2 might fit just right, while a size 2 in Brand Y jeans is too small.

Clothes shopping can be a social event with your best girlfriends, or it can be retail therapy when you have had a bad day.  Clothes shopping can even be something that you detest, but everyone has to wear clothes, so at some point you will have to go shopping.  Keep an open mind, take your time, and try everything on before you leave the store and you should have a successful shopping trip.


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