How To Go to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the most glamorous lingerie fashion show in the industry. The fashion show has more than just beautiful models walking down the runway in nothing but lingerie. Often, these are complemented by extravagant accessories, like rhinestones, jewelry, and even white angel wings two times as tall as the model wearing them.  Unfortunately, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a very exclusive event. Unless you're in the fashion industry or you're a fashion writer, there's no way you can go to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and witness it firsthand.  However, there are several ways to make it feel as though you were at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Read on to find out how.

  1. Log on to the CBS website at  CBS is the news network that covers the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  The fashion show usually takes place in December, so in the early months of the year, the website will contain photo galleries, video clips, interviews, and behind the scenes footage of last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
  2. As December comes nearer and nearer, the website will offer interviews with the models who will participate in that year's fashion show, along with some teaser gallery photos. In a way, viewing the footage on the website is even more intimate than being at the fashion show itself, because you get to see the models fitting the lingerie weeks before the fashion shoot, putting on makeup and getting ready, which you won't get to see as a fashion show guest.
  3. Check the website regularly for the schedule of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and tune in on your TV.  If you won't be home at the time the fashion show will be aired, you can program your VCR or DVR to record the fashion show for you.  It's best if you use two separate devices to record the show so at least you'll have a back up if one device fails or malfunctions.
  4. If you are unable to view the fashion show or record it, don't worry! The CBS website meticulously documents the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, from the fitting up to the show itself. Although the entire show won't be on the website, at least you'll be able to view its highlights.
  5. If you have an iPod, you can also go to Apple's iTunes webcast, and look for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. They will probably have clips that you can download and view.
  6. In several months, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be available on sale in DVD. The DVD contains interviews, behind the scenes footage, as well as the complete coverage of the fashion show itself. When the DVD comes in the mail, why not throw a little party with your friends and view the fashion show together?  You can dress up in cocktail dresses and couture fashion, and critique each model, as if you were watching the fashion show in person!


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