How To Know Gold Chain Styles and Designs

Different gold chains

What value would there be in a gold bar if we couldn't shape it into jewelry and wear it? Gold bar become your gold charms, gold bracelets, gold necklaces, or even belts.

It's only as gold chains that most people appreciate the beauty of yellow gold. Silver is there to create a necklace or belt, but still yellow gold remains the favorite of most people. This may be because of the elegance that gold has. Yes, chain silver may be simpler to look at, but there's no debate that gold reigns as the most glamorous metal of all. Your jewelry collection will surely be complete as long as there are different styles, types, and designs of gold chains included in it.

If you're only starting collecting gold jewellery, it will surely be helpful to know the different types of gold chains. Check to see if your collection has all of these gold chain types:

  • Marine. This style is made up of oval-shaped rings interconnected with each other. Though other chains look quite similar, the difference in marine chain is the bar across the oval ring's center. The result of this is an unconventional yet intricate design.
  • Curb. This style is composed of obviously bigger circular rings that are linked together. You often see this style worn by hip hop artists.
  • Cable. This style is perhaps the most common of gold chain types. This is made up of oval rings linked together. The common chain is similar to this, only that the rings are smaller and made of gold.
  • Singapore. The creation of this style is more delicate, making this ideal for sophisticated women. The overall appearance of this style is similar to a slightly twisted rope.
  • Rolo. The usual composition of this style is broad and perfectly round rings. The rings are interconnected. Rolo appears to be very simple yet its engineering is very sturdy, perfect for men's wear.
  • Bar and Bead. Its name itself identifies how this gold chain style looks. It is composed of a bar and bead pattern of gold.
  • Box. This style consists of small, box-like links. Its sturdy yet elegant appeal has made it famous as bracelets or short necklaces with beautiful pendants.
  • Fox. This gold chain looks like a flat strand of gold. But a closer look will reveal a very meticulous engineering of gold strands that seem to have been braided for its perfect flat appearance.
  • Herringbone. Its style is similar to the fox chain. Herringbone is wider, and its chains are closely linked so that you can't even see a space between the chains.
  • Rope. Yes, this style really looks like a small rope made out of gold. This is popular with pendants and worn by both men and women.

There, now you can aim to have all these gold chain types in your collection. But you should always keep in mind that whatever types, designs, or styles of gold chain you have, what's more important is not actually its karat, sophistication, or size. Something material, like gold, becomes more valuable if it carries a priceless sentimental worth.


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