How To Accentuate a Small Butt

Girl exposing butt shape

Women and some men are very conscious about how their silhouettes look especially when they are wearing clothes that accentuate their figures. There are standards that have been perpetuated by models, fashion designers and trend setters. While some people are happy with how their body looks, a big majority would like to have a good figure that look proportional at every angle. There are patterns and colors as well as the proper cut of clothes that will help accentuate a small butt. Here are some ideas.

  • Buy tailored clothes that will fit you properly. Accentuate your small butt with clothes that will frame it well. Avoid clothes that are either too tight or too loose. Too tight clothes will flatten your already small butt while too loose clothes will camouflage your small butt under the folds of extra fabric.
  • Choose skirts in interesting and bold patterns that will accentuate your butt. Diagonal stripes will give the illusion of a wider and bigger butt. Interesting and bold patterns will lead the eye into looking at the pattern more than what is encased underneath. Darts on the waistline of a skirt will frame the waist and accentuate the butt.
  • Lighter colors will make you look bigger that your actual size. Use lighter colored fabrics for your skirts and slacks to make your butt appear larger. Darker colors will contribute more to making your look smaller.
  • Cargo pants with pleated back pockets and pockets with flaps will add some bulk to a small butt. Jeans with small pockets will also help frame the butt and make it appear larger. You can also choose jeans with details stitching on the back side. This will lead the eyes to focus on your butt. Other detailing such as large zippers, embroidery and cuts that will frame your small butt will be good choices.
  • Add some exercises that will target the butt muscles to your exercise routine. A firm butt looks attractive regardless of its size. A firmer butt will also be more attractive when you are wearing a skirt made from a shiny and glossy fabric that will add an interesting interplay of light and dark on your backside. Satin, silk and velvet are some fabrics that will give a give the illusion of a bigger body part.
  • Avoid buying jeans and skirts made with stretchy fabrics. These types of material will cling closer to your body and flatten those areas that you actually want to emphasize.
  • Wear a shorter jacket that will end up just below your waist. Cropped jackets are very good options to use to provide a good frame for a small butt. A nipped waistline will also create a perfect foil to accentuate a small butt.
  • A-line skirts with perfect small darts placed at interval at the back will lead the eye to a small butt and give it the right emphasis. A skirt with a short flat panel after the waistline followed by a row of pleats with give the illusion of a fuller butt as the pleats will fall exactly just on the rise of your butt.

Nature may have given you a small butt, which is actually a blessing since you do not need to spend a lot on making your butt smaller. Trick the eyes into looking at your cute derriere with the right clothes – fit, colors and detailing and enjoy it.


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