How To Accessorize a White Outfit

With spring and summer clothing filling the racks, it’s a great time to get tips on how to spice up that white outfit.  That is exactly what you are going to find here.

Every female should own a solid white summer dress.  They are easy to dress up for that spring time wedding and even easier to dress down for a night at the movies. If a dressier look is what you are aiming for, adding simple jewelry can add a beautiful touch to any outfit.  Simple jewelry is anything from a single strand of pastel pearls, stud earrings, small hoop earrings or a few thin bangles to dress up the wrist.  Don't forget about adding a nice and simple clutch.  If you are having trouble finding shoes that would be appropriate, just add a strappy sandal.  Try to choose a color that would most compliment the jewelry you decide to wear.  For example if you choose to wear lighter colors, such as pastels and baby-shades go for a silver shoe or something with a light color.  Remember if you plan on carrying your purse or clutch most of the night, that should be included as a part of the outfit.  If you have trouble finding a bag to carry, follow the shoe rule above.  Adding a bright purse to a light and airy outfit will cause the eye to notice the bright color more than the carefully put together outfit.

To dress down the white dress, make it more casual. For example; don't be afraid to wear those flip flops!  Light weight wooden jewelry is a nice inexpensive touch to add.  You can find light-weight wood bangles can be found in almost any store.  Just remember to keep it casual.

Another white on white outfit that is super popular right now is the white jeans and white blouse.  This can be a fun outfit to wear that could transform into lots of different looks.  For instance adding bright colors, such as plastic necklaces and bracelets can give the jeans and blouse a fun look.

If you aren't sure where to start when spicing up that blouse and pair of jeans, start with a belt and shoes.  For example adding a zebra stripped belt along with zebra print shoes can be a great starting point.  Next add color.  Throw in a red bulky necklace, if you don't want to go that bold adding a chunky gold necklace and bracelets will be a nice compliment to the shoes and belt. Remember to find a bag that will go along with your look for the evening.

When it comes to that white outfit the most important thing to remember is don't be afraid to add some bright colors or some fun prints.  Just have fun with it!


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