How To Accessorize Plus Size Clothing

Choosing the right accessories as a plus size woman can enhance your looks and increase confidence.  Accessories not only enhance your plus size clothing but can be used to highlight your favorite features, minimize your least favorite parts and improve your overall appearance.

As with clothes, it is important that the belts and jewelry you choose as accessories fit you properly.  Anything that binds too tightly will only seem uncomfortable and will cause unsightly rolls.  Belts should be wide enough to add definition to your waist and an extra wide belt around a long shirt or dress will look well if the shoulders of the top and the bottom of your skirt or pants are wide enough to simulate an hourglass shape.

Choker necklaces should leave plenty of space around the neck for you to breathe.  Add a longer strand necklace in addition to your choker to elongate your torso. Or choose a necklace that has a large pendant that falls just below your collar bone.  Worn underneath a button-down blouse or shirt will nicely display your neck and chest area without making you appear too busty.

Hoop earrings or large shapes that use studs or dangle from the ear are preferred when choosing jewelry to accessorize your plus size shape.  Larger earrings draw attention to the face and dangling earrings cause the neck to appear longer.

A single bracelet with a large stone or center piece makes a nice statement.  And rings should not be too tight.  Allow for a bit of slide on the finger.

When accessorizing for the large sized woman don’t forget to think about the size of your handbag.  Choose a long rectangular or square shape that holds a slim rigid profile when holding your personal items.  Avoid frumpy hobo bags when accessorizing your plus size wardrobe.

Scarves make a wonderful accessory for the plus size woman.  Long scarves that flow down your front act as drapery that adds length to your middle.  Choose colors that blend into your plus size clothes and accentuate the length of your waist or choose colors that bring out the color of your eyes to focus attention to your face.  And do not choose chunky material but slim silks, wools and cottons.

Let's not forget the shoes!  This can be your most important accessory for your plus size clothes.  Anything that adds length to your legs and makes a slim line of your ankles is the goal.  If you worry about thick ankles, never choose flat ballet slippers or Mary Janes.  Look for shoes with a little lift in the heel and avoid straps that wrap around the ankle.  Calf-length boots are wonderful as long as they fit well and are not too tight on your calves.


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