How To Add Beaded Fringe to Pants

Unique accents on your clothing help you to retain your individuality in this busy world. For a splash of color and fun on your favorite jeans or slacks, follow this guide on how to add beaded fringe to your pants.

Step 1

Gather your supplies. For this project, you'll need the following items:

  • A pair of pants (jeans, khakis, dress slacks, etc.)
  • Beads of your choice (with a larger opening)
  • Scissors

Step 2

Start by cutting off your pant bottoms. The first step to adding beaded fringe to your pants is to prepare the bottom of your pants. You'll need to first cut off the hem of your pants. This will take some thought and measuring. You don't want the beads to hang too low on your leg, or they'll drive you nuts as they bang against your foot. And you don't want the beaded fringe to hang too high either, or your outfit will look a little silly. Cut off your pants at the exact height you want the beads to hang at, keeping in mind that the beads will hang a little bit higher once you have added a knot to each strand.

Step 3

Make the fringe. With the hem removed and the pant bottoms cut to the height of your choice, you need to start making the fringe in the bottom of your pants. You can decide on the width of each fringe strand, but ensure it is at least ¼" wide. Cut each fringe strand 6" up on your pant leg. If you have trouble cutting straight lines, you may want to use a white fabric pencil and a ruler to trace on the lines before you begin cutting the lines for your beaded fringe. Make these fringe cuts all the way around both legs of your pants.

Step 4

Add some beads. Now that your fringe is cut on your pants, you can begin to add the beads. And for this step, you can be as creative as you like! Hopefully, you purchased beads that were large enough so that you can thread them on to each fringe strand by hand. Each fringe needs at least 2 beads, but a few more is okay. You can decide whether you want to create a pattern with your beadwork, or whether you want your beaded fringe to be all the same color. Random bead placement isn't recommended. Instead, look at the color of your pants for inspiration. Check out your local craft or bead store for the best selection of plastic or wooden beads. (Just ensure that you use beads that are laundry-safe, or this beaded fringe may cost you a lot in dry-cleaning bills!)

Step 5

Tie off each strand. Once the beads are on all the strands of the fringe and you are happy with the design, then you can proceed to tie off each fringe strand. One knot probably isn't large enough to stop the beads from falling off, so you'll need to double-knot each fringe strand to be safe. And remember, try to keep the knots all at the same level so that your beaded fringe will look uniform when you're wearing the pants.


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