How To Adjust Plastic Frame Temples

The good thing with eyeglasses is that you can simply slip them into your front shirt pocket. However, eyeglasses are fragile items that can easily get bent no matter how hard you try to be very careful in handling or using them. Because they are small and unnoticeable, sometimes they just disappear under the covers or books. This can result in bent plastic frame and most of the time, the major damage is at the temple section.  

Instead of going back to the store where you bought your glasses, you can make adjustments on your own. Indeed, it is irritating whenever your eyeglasses keep sliding down your nose. So to stop this annoyance, read the tips below to save yourself time and effort from going back to your eyeglass specialist or optician.

In this series of steps, you do not need any tool here, just a firm grip. Read on and try applying it:

  • Test if you really need to make adjustments on your plastic frame. Try putting it on and look in the mirror. If it really is a bit crooked, then take it off and place it on top of a flat, horizontal and even surface, like a table. Look closely at it; is one side higher than the other? If so, then the temple piece definitely needs adjustment. Every pair of eyeglasses has two temple pieces, which are also commonly known as the "arms". It is only normal in a full plastic frame to have a different temple, only because it is wider in the section going from the temple to the ear (temple piece).
  • Start adjusting the frame. In a full plastic frame, the only way you can make adjustments is by twisting the screw hinge. A screw hinge is the connector between the temple piece and the lens area. So what you do it grasp one lens area (the one perpendicular to the temple piece that needs adjusting) with one hand while you grip the temple piece with the other hand. Carefully, bend either up or down, depending on how the temple piece needs to be corrected; you do not want to break the frame, do you?

It is as easy as ABC. You may hear another way to make adjustment on plastic frame temples like having to boil water and dipping the glasses in it. A big no-no! Even experienced people working in optical stores can hardly make it right all time. So how can you be sure that you can do better? Besides, hot water can ruin the frame by drying it out and weakening it too much. Moreover, the frame will suffer from discoloration easily. Save yourself the trouble and a lot of money. Try the steps stated above. After all, it is something you can do all by yourself without hurting the frame as long as you are very careful. But if the crookedness cannot be repaired, then proceed to the nearest optical store.


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