How To Apply Clear Coatings to Glass Beads

Glass beads are beautiful accessories. They have been around for centuries. They are used for making accessories like, necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Glass beads come in different colors and shapes. They can be round, square, long or other differently-shaped designs. Usually beads are very small that when you make accessories, it is hard to get hold of it because of its size. You have to use tweezers to hold the beads so you can string it with nylon or wire without much difficulty. They are also delicate because they easily break.

There are a number of purposes for coating a clear coat on glass beads. First, it adds luster to the bead, making it more shimmering and more beautiful to look at once it has been made into an accessory. Second, it adds more strength to the bead so it would not easily break when it is dropped or applied pressure to. Here is how you can apply a clear coating to your glass beads:

  • Use a colorless nail polish to be used as the coating. Choose a brand with a long staying power and a big brush so you do not have to apply clear coating every once in a while.
  • Put out your glass beads and wipe them for any dust or dirt that may have stuck during storage. Dirt and dust will stick to the nail polish if not cleaned. Use long tweezers so it would be easy to pick up beads, especially very small ones. Tweezers can also be used for holding bigger glass beads to make it easier to coat them. Tweezers also keep nail polish from getting into your hands.
  • Start with the smaller beads. Graze the beads with a thin coat of clear nail polish, making sure that no nail polish will drip on your working table. Follow with the bigger beads because they are easier to coat.
  • Apply a couple more thin coats to strengthen the glass bead even more. If you apply a thick coat, it might form into balls on the bead and harden, making the bead ugly. A thin coat prevents this from happening.
  • After brushing on nail polish on your beads, let it dry by itself. Do not use a fan for drying the glass beads because air creates pockets of air on the beads, making the finish rough and bumpy. The coated bead must be smooth to the touch.

Do not forget to clean your tweezers. Wet a cotton ball with acetone and wipe the tips of the tweezers to remove any nail polish. Now that you have coated your glass beads with a colorless nail polish, accessories can already be made using them. You can make different accessories using these glass beads. You can even stitch them on a plain shirt to add more character and shimmer to it. For the other beads that will not be used immediately, remember to dry it thoroughly before storing it. Storing beads with wet clear coating will make them stick to one another, thus ruining your bead collection.


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