How To Assemble a Magnetic Bracelet

Aside from being a jewelry accessory, a magnetic bracelet has health benefits. It is reported to have healing effects on different medical conditions and illnesses like arthritis, muscle cramps, insomnia, and migraine. Magnetic bracelets are mostly available online, but if you want to make your own, you can follow this guide below.

  • Prepare your tools and materials. Primarily, you will need a set of magnetic beads, which can come in black, brown, red, or gray. The colors you will use are generally based on your personal preference. You can use one color for the entire bracelet or combine different colors. Other than the magnetic beads, you will also need nylon or beading wire. If you want a bracelet with a locking mechanism, you will have to use a clasp. Prepare a pair of scissors or pliers as well.
  • Measure your wrist. Get the measurement of your wrist with a tape measure. Add around five to six inches to the wrist measurement to make an allowance for the knot and lock. Then, cut a length of the nylon or beading wire according to the total measurement.
  • Lay out the beads. On a table, lay out the beads according to the pattern you have in mind. You can use strictly magnetic beads for the bracelet, but if you want to add variety to your bracelet, make use of bead spacers or decorative beads. Space them appropriately all through the length of the bracelet. When you are laying out the beads, make sure to cover the table with a cloth or towel. This will keep the beads from sliding off the table.
  • Thread the beads through the nylon or wire. When you already have a pattern, begin stringing the beads together. First, you have to lock one end of the nylon or wire. If you are using nylon, make a knot at one end of it. If you are using wire, use your pliers to bend one end of the wire. Thread a big bead through, and then one by one, insert the other beads. Be very careful as you do this, as it is so easy to drop the beads. When you have completed stringing the beads, make another knot at the other end of the nylon. Then tie the two knotted ends together. If you are using wire, you need to attach the clasp.
  • Wear the magnetic bracelet. Try wearing the magnetic bracelet. See if it fits you or if you have to make adjustments. A well-fitted bracelet is not too tight that it doesn’t leave a mark if you wear it off but is not too loose either that it almost slips off your wrist.

If you have leftover beads, you can create more magnetic bracelets. In fact, you can make magnetic bracelets as a gift. Make the bracelet more personalized by using the favorite colors of the recipient. Or you can also include special stones and beads. You only have to get the wrist measurement of the wearer.


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