How To Attach Spurs to Boots

Boots and spurs are normal accessories to any cowboy’s wardrobe. Both boots and spurs come in different sizes and styles to fit the personality of the person wearing them. There are big spurs and small spurs. The choice is really up to you. On the other hand, some people buy spurs but find it difficult to attach them to their boots.

It really is not that difficult. With just a few simple steps you can attach your spurs to your boots for that cool cowboy look. There are many different kinds of spurs but all of them follow the same method when attaching to boots.

Here are the things you must remember when attaching spurs to your boots.

  • First of all, make sure that your spurs have all the necessary parts. Aside from the metal spur, you also need chains and straps in order for you to attach the spurs to your boots.
  • The heel of your boot should easily fit on the U-shape of your spur. The spurs rest at the top of the heel, and there it meets the body of the boots.
  • Now is the time to attach the chain and the strap. In general, the chain and strap go around the front of the boot and connects at the ankle. This will securely hold the spurs in place. Some spurs though, have extra chains and straps that go underneath the boots near the heel. With these extra accessories, the spurs will be more securely held in its place.
  • Before you get on your horse though, check that your spurs are not moving or dangling. It should be solid in its place. Should you notice that it is not securely in place, you must tighten the strap and chains.
  • With the spurs attached securely in its place, you can now wear it confidently as you get on your horse.

If you are really having a hard time attaching your spurs to your boots, you can ask the local store where you bought your spurs to give you a demonstration on how to use the straps and chains of your spurs.  And since there are many different kinds of spurs, be sure to bring your boots along with you when you are buying chains and straps. It will be a lot of trouble if you will have to return and exchange those accessories for the right ones.

You may also ask a friend or someone you know who uses spurs on their boots to teach you how to attach them. If you learn how to attach them once, you’ll never forget it. And the next time you buy spurs, you will be able to attach them to your boots yourself.

Always bear in mind, however, to be gentle with your horse when using these. Don’t use your spurs to hurt or punish your horse. This will only frighten him. Remember to use your spurs the right way, only as a guide for the horse.


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