How To Avoid Panty Lines

The biggest mistake women make when wearing pants is having panty lines. Panties lines can occur by wearing the wrong undergarments underneath pants. The undergarments are either too big or made of the wrong material. There are ways to avoid panty lines by wearing the right panty and clothing for your size.

  • Wearing a thong is one way to avoid having panty lines. When wearing tight pants that are light in color it is important to know how to avoid panty lines. Thongs are smaller, so there won’t be any reason to get panty lines. Wearing a thong will take some time getting use to, but it will make your clothes on the outside look cleaner and also avoid having panty lines.
  • Wear seamless panties to avoid panty lines.  Seamless panties have a smaller band than cotton panties, so there won’t be any reason to get panty lines. Cotton panties tend to ride up when wearing pants. Seamless panties are an option for a woman who prefers not to wear thongs, but still want to avoid panty lines. The panties will create a sleek, smooth finish.
  • Purchase body-shaping undergarments to avoid panty lines. These undergarments hide a range of imperfections, such as fat around the stomach and thighs. The undergarments come in many colors and create a smooth, polished look that makes clothes look more put together. The good thing about body-shaping undergarments is that they can be worn every day.
  • Wear boxers in men’s or women’s to avoid panty lines. Women can also wear boy shorts. Make sure that they are not loose fitting or they will ride up. The boxers should be tight fitting and in the right size to avoid panty lines. The wrong boxer will not only create panty lines, but also make clothes look messy.
  • Dressing in jeans or dark colored pants is another way to avoid panty lines. The lighter the pant is, the more likely that the woman won’t be able to avoid panty lines. Wear pants that are brown, navy blue or black. Any panty lines that are occurring will not be seen.
  • Find panties that are the same color of your skin tone to avoid having panty lines. Panties that are too light or dark will show through pants causing panty lines.
  • Buy longer shirts when trying to avoid the look of panty lines. With long shirts, no one will be able to see if you have panty lines or not. This is a quick fix for any woman who wants to avoid panty lines.

A woman should feel confident with each and every outfit she wears. In order for her to feel confident, she will need to make sure that her clothes fit perfectly. When her clothes fit properly, she will be able to avoid everything from stomach fat to panty lines.


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