How To Avoid Summer Style Mistakes

Summer gives you the chance to feel more relaxed. Everything is casual and free-moving. The warm weather simply encourages you to dress up in style. But sometimes, your excitement makes your summer look a bit sloppy and your style just simply slides down. Perhaps, you became guilty of the common summer style sins. Here are some sensible fashion tips on how you can avoid those summer style mistakes:

  • Mistake No. 1: Your Capri pants, your socks, and your running shoes. Yes, Capri pants are certainly sassy. You can wear them if you wish to show off your great looking legs. Since Capri pants stop right at your calf, they can make your legs appear a bit shorter. But that should not be a big problem. You can always balance things out by donning beautiful kitten heel sandals. You can also try a low wedge that matches the color of your Capri pants. But never match your Capri pants with your socks and your running shoes! Indeed, the combination is lethal. You are going to look fat, short, and frumpy. And that’s not even an exaggeration. If you favor comfort and practicality, you have better options. Go for cushioned flip-flop and match it with your Capri pants. If you are aiming for a sporty look, match your running shoes with a good part of shorts.
  • Mistake No. 2:  Your crazy crocs. Crocs are fun and comfortable to wear. But you should wear them only at home. In fact, they were originally designed to become garden shoes. You can have them when you are spending time in your garden or in your swimming pool. They are also great when you are along the seaside or relaxing in a beach cottage. But never wear crocs when you are shopping, watching a movie, or going out on a date. Crocs scream childish. So, think again.
  • Mistake No. 3:  Your nude hose and your sandals. If you are toying the idea of wearing your open-toed shoes and matching it with your hose, complete with all the sheers, hold your thoughts. It is a fashion faux pas. And it is undoubtedly tacky. No further explanation is needed.
  • Mistake No. 4:  Your short shorts. Wearing short shorts outside your home is risky. For one, short shorts, particularly the ones that were cut off from old jeans, let everything hang out. Also, you can look cheap and shabby when you wear your short shorts and you are no longer a teenager. Reserve them for your sun tanning events.
  • Mistake No. 5: Your visible pockets. Don’t ruin your fresh look by wearing a great pair of crisp, new – white pants – and then, the big pockets are visible. The pockets are definitely going to take the attention away from you. Visit a professional seamstress and have those big visible pockets taken out. Aim for a cleaner, neater look for summer.

Enjoy your summer and dress up in style. Avoid the fashion mistakes. Look great and have a god time.


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