How To Avoid Visible Panty Lines

Visible panty lines are eyesores. And women are the ones mostly affected by this undesirable situation. Even guys don’t like it. So it’s a fashion remedy to have them. With this problem fashion designers pay a lot of attention designing underwear that will avoid a VPL (Visible Panty Line). Trousers and skirts can become almost transparent, because of thin cloth or fabric such as cotton, satin or silk. This can also be due to lighting conditions (like flash photography) or moisture (rainwater or even sweat). If you’re not comfortable and you just can’t sacrifice the discomfort of a thong, here are tips to avoid a panty line.

  • Wear seamless panties. Or you can get underwear with a subtle hem line or small stitching. You are more likely to lessen the possibility of a visible panty line.
  • Body-shaping underwear is worth the investment. These kinds of undies run from your thigh to your mid-waist. And also body-shape undies hold in fat that make you appear slimmer.
  • Don’t wear tight jeans that will hold your body too much. Wear pants that are not too tight but skim the body.
  • Don’t invest in thin-clothed jeans/pants.
  • You can also opt not to wear panties at all; except when you’re wearing white will surely show that you’re wearing nothing inside. That would even be more embarrassing than a visible panty line. Some women do this because they are uncomfortable with the VPL ad with the thongs as well. No one has to know you’re not wearing one. They might just assume you’re wearing a thong or seamless underwear.
  • Borrow your brother, boyfriend, or spouse’s  boxer’s short. Or get your own women’s boxer briefs and get rid of the visible panty line. But make sure that the boxers fit you well so you won’t have boxer’s short lines instead of panty lines. Don’t wear boxers when you’re wearing white because it might appear very visible, unless you’re comfortable about it.
  • Don’t wear dark-colored undies with light-colored jeans. Your dark colored undies will become obvious since the colors stand out. It is better to wear dark jeans rather than white ones. It’s harder to distinguish panty lines in black or brown jeans or denims.
  • Get over your discomfort for thongs! The only 100% guarantee of no visible panty lines are gives by thongs.
  • G-strings and V-strings use less cloth, if you can wear thongs these are better choices.
  • When buying your underwear, make sure that you get the right size. The bigger the size, the more obvious panty line you get.
  • Wear low-waist underwear if you’re wearing low-waist jeans/denim.

With the tips you have read above, you can now avoid the VPL (Visible Panty Line) and also, men’s panty line fetish. Invisible panty lines look nice, in fact, it makes you look slim. Underwear should still be sexy even under our clothes. Not because no one sees it doesn’t mean you don’t have to care about it. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable having those VPL anymore, you now have a remedy for this kind of situation and be sure to use them to avoid the ugly sight of the famous and unwanted VPL.


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