How To Be a Redneck

Originally, a redneck referred to someone with an unsophisticated upbringing in the rural south of the United States. Rednecks don’t care about posh manners, social airs, and the otherwise normal concerns of an uppity urban person. If you’re interested in the redneck lifestyle, read on and use the following tips to help you transform into a true redneck.

  1. Wear flannel shirts, jeans, overalls, and ball caps. Perfecting the classic redneck look is really very easy because rednecks never think much about their clothes. Just deck yourself out in a flannel shirt paired with jeans, or a T-shirt paired with overalls. Don’t forget to put on a ball cap. You can score with ball caps that say “New York Yankees”. And if you’re feeling the redneck spirit, you can never go wrong with a cowboy hat and work boots. 
  2. Drive a pickup truck. The quintessential must-have vehicle for a redneck is a pickup truck. Great for transporting almost anything and for driving along bumpy countryside and dirt roads.
  3. Smoke Marlboro reds or chew a mean tobacco. Rednecks have to look tough and cool. What better way to do that than to smoke Marlboro reds or chew a really mean, fat tobacco. If you have never smoked before, better start now if you want to be a full-pledged redneck. Oh, and if someone asks to share a smoke with you, don’t hesitate to do it.
  4. Get ready for a beer fest. Rednecks are known for celebrating just about anything with six packs of beer. You can drink any kind of beer, like Budweiser or Bud Light. If you provide a keg of beer in a party or gathering, you’ll get a hearty pat on the back. Just don’t go for something sophisticated as wine or as dainty as mixed drinks. And remember not to steal someone else’s beer or monopolize all the drinking or else, things could get really nasty.
  5. Invite all the fellas over for barbecue parties. A lazy weekend or a holiday won’t be complete without a barbecue party at a neighbor’s or friend’s backyard. Rednecks love food and eating, especially home cooked food. Grandma’s specialties like cornbread, fried potatoes, fried green tomatoes, fried squash, slow cooked pinto beans, and freshly baked pies are a redneck’s essential comfort food. Meats like ribs, pork chop, bacon, and barbecue are classic redneck fare.
  6. Watch NASCAR and pro-wrestling. Most rednecks are avid NASCAR and pro-wrestling fans. Some even go as far as not missing even just one episode. They watch with their buddies in a bar or at home.
  7. Keep your hair a little bit longer than usual and grow a beard or stubble. Rednecks are low maintenance. Don’t cut your hair or shave regularly. Do it only when you feel like it.
  8. Listen to country music. Rednecks don’t favor jazz or sweet pop tunes. They don’t usually have that refined taste in music. Start by listening to country and southern rock music.
  9. Put up a confederate flag. Putting up a confederate flag in your home will surely get this message across loud and clear: A redneck lives here.

The redneck lifestyle may seem simple and easy for some, but transforming into a typical redneck is very difficult for someone used to a sophisticated, urban lifestyle. To cross over into the redneck lifestyle means you have to simplify everything, and manners take a back seat. But don’t ever forget that rednecks do know how to have fun.  


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