How To Be a Scene Girl

Cyber looking girl with colorful feather extensions

Being a scene girl isn't as simple as adjusting your wardrobe and makeup. It involves a personality and willingness to put yourself out into the world with style and enthusiasm. If you want to be a scene girl, follow these steps.

  1. Let your confidence show. One of the best qualities of scene girls is that they are confident and secure in who they are. This confidence is what allows scene girls to be nice to the people they meet and be totally random. Showing confidence also becomes evident in bold behavior and lots of laughs. Remember, however, that bold behavior is not classic overbearing or rude teenager behavior.
  2. Try being random. This means giving in to those little voices in your head that say "I want banana sundaes" in the middle of a snow day. Random isn't practiced all the time, just when the mood strikes.
  3. Dress the part. Begin with your wardrobe. Play up your looks with skinny jeans. Then add t-shirts with cartoon characters or fun text that suits your most random mood. Choose some great shoes such as ballet flats or Converse.
  4. Have fun with your looks. Add a piercing if you can handle the pain and upkeep. Then spend some time with your makeup and hair. Choose metallic or shimmery eye shadow in bright colors. Then add some mascara to create the full look. Head to the salon for a new hair cut that includes bangs that are simple yet classy. You can elect straight lock or a choppy layered look, whichever suits your personal style. Then pull the hair back with a simple metallic headband or barrettes.
  5. Join the scene. Get MySpace and Facebook pages. This is a must do if you want to be a scene girl. Your social networking space needs to include tons of photos of you - out with your friends, at school and anywhere that shows you having a great time. Your MySpace page can make or break your reputation as a scene girl so spend some time designing the page, adding photos, music and messages. Then hook up with friends using these pages and keep them up to date with what's happening in your world.
  6. Visit MySpace pages of other scene girls. Get to know your new crowd by checking out the MySpace pages of other scene girls who inspire you and who you want to be friends with. Check out some of the music they love and the slang they use when texting each other. Then make yourself known to the ones you admire and respect.
  7. Have fun. One of the best things about the scene girls is that they are able to have a good time. Enjoy being yourself while you have fun with your friends. Let your own passions and interests show how unique and interesting you are.

Being a scene girl doesn't take much work if you are willing to get out there and meet people. Start with some minor look adjustments and combine new pieces with things already in your closet. Then get that MySpace page up and running and you can be a scene girl in no time.


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