How To Be a Smart Clothing Shopper

You can definitely be smart and fashionable at the same time. Becoming a smart clothing shopper takes some genuine effort, but it is not really something that you need to aim at the stars for. If you are really determined to shop for clothes with flair and lots of common sense, here are some of the steps you can follow:

  1. Check for versatility in matching. If you are buying a certain item, check how it will register on your face and body. Next, try to imagine which of your existing clothes will best match it. The more existing clothes you think of that matches that particular item in your hand, the better it is for you.
  2. Try on the outfit and be meticulous with the details. Check for loose threads, holes and other really subtle damages that the sales person may have conveniently forgotten to inspect for you. Try on the whole ensemble or piece of clothing before making a final decision. Some outfits are really deceiving; they look good on the mannequins but look hideous on you. Make sure you are buying the right clothes by trying them on.
  3. Secure rebates, discount cards and memberships on your favorite brands. Suppose that you have favorite shops where you buy your stuff, sale or no sale. Make sure that you are able to secure discount and membership cards that can help you get better deals whenever you shop there.
  4. If in doubt, aim for timeless, vintage and classic. When you are not really sure about a fashion trend being presented, stick to the basics of black blue and white. Timeless, vintage and classic looks never fade and are always good for your overall look. Other classics include the little black dress, the sneakers, the good pair of denims and many others.
  5. Synchronize your shopping with sale schedules. If you can, try to align your shopping sprees with the season that malls have their clearance sales and many others. You will get twice or even thrice as much for your money.
  6. Have your outfit cabinet in mind as you shop. Have a mental image of your cabinet as you check out clothes. Before you buy, ask yourself if you already have it. Often, it is best if you will just buy the ones that do not exist yet in your cabinet. It is not so wise to buy a pink top if your cabinet already looks like a pink panther because of the many pink outfits that you have.
  7. Get the hang of thrift stores, Walmart and flea markets. Get used to buying from thrift stores, Walmart and flea markets. All it will need is 20-20 vision and determination to rummage through layers and layers of items together with a sea of people. Think of it as an adventure or treasure hunt with your chief end of just getting the best.
  8. Make use of comparison methods. Online shopping comparison websites such as Shop can help you compare and check reasonable prices for items.


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