How To Be a Stylish Man After Forty

You don’t have to really look like you’re already 40 just to be in your 40s. Giving up fashion to accept aging is not necessary anymore. Many men past their 40s are happy about their age. They only want to look fashionable and attractive but not out of age.

This must be the thing in your head, too. Well, there are a lot of simple yet effective ways on how to be a stylish man after forty. But before you think about that, define what fashion means for you first.

Fashion does not always mean following what is in and what is in the trend. Fashion means being yourself and expressing it through the clothes you wear and how you carry yourself. So if you feel like you want to wear those clothes that teenagers wear, then go ahead. For as long as you are comfortable with it, your fashion is a great fashion for a man after forty.

But if you want to wear and act your age yet remain stylish then follow these tips:

  1. Shave. A face free of beard and mustache will look so nice and clean. So shave your beard as often as needed. You can also treat yourself a professional shave from time to time. With a clean shave, you’ll surely look like a real professional—a handsome and stylish professional.
  2. Haircut. Every person has his best haircut that will make him look his best. You will find out what haircut is for you after seeing a professional barber who knows more about modern hairstyles for different men of all ages.
  3. Tint and wig? Most men in their after 40s are bald and have grey hair. Will you be happy to cover up your bald head with a wig or will you be more happy to reveal the real you? Will you also be happier to tint your grey hair black? It’s best to just improve what you have because a stylish man after forty will still look his best despite the baldness and the grey hair.
  4. Dress well. Dressing well and appropriately is very important for a stylish man. For instance, if you will go to work, you should wear your best suit. But if you will only go golfing, then wear your most comfortable polo, pants, rubber shoes, and sunglasses. You can consult a fashion specialist for the best fashion for you. Since every man is not created equal, they also require different fashion that will make him look his best.
  5. Accessorize. Men only have few accessories unlike women who have lots. Since you only have few, then it will be okay to spend more for one piece of new briefcase or a pair of shoes. Again, you should consult a fashion specialist when choosing your accessories.

Who says you are too old to be stylish? Fashion and style never choose depending on age because everyone has the right to be more attractive and appealing. Yes, even a man after his 40s has the right to feel good about himself. 


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