How To Be an East Village Hipster

An East Village Hipster is a kind of urban middle class adult or teen that does not follow society's trend of fashion, music and culture.  Examples of their unique interests are independent films, alternative rock music and a mix of sub-cultural fashion that reflects their passion in life.  Their beliefs are based on their own, mostly logical opinions, and they are not carried away by what the majority says.  Becoming one can transform your life into a non-fastidious lifestyle because you are discovering yourself without the fear of judgment from others and without the need for everybody's approval.  If you want to be real about your life, be an East Village Hipster.  Here's how.

  1. Let go of your issues.  Living in your past cripples your present, so you have to learn to let go of it.  You do not need regrets, as they will burden you from moving forward.  Accept the truth of your actions, deal with the consequences and start living your life today.
  2. Get real.  Know who you are.  Remember, what you do does not mean that is who you are.  Get rid of all the lies, justifications and judgments about yourself and your actions. Learn and embrace the truth about you and what's around you.  Know what you want, what you need and remember your values by basing it on your own thoughts, experiences and views.  Do not base it on what the majority of people are saying.  Start being honest to yourself and simply accept it.
  3. Be clear on what is true and what is not.  Accept the truth and do not believe the lies.  You have to understand that your own perception does not mean it is a fact.  It is subjective, so start basing your opinions on not what you have perceived but with factual intellect. This will prevent you from making any judgments.  What you are giving is a logical opinion.
  4. Open your eyes!  Wake up and smell the coffee.  See the world with keen interest, bright eyes, a just mind and a ready hand in case help is needed.  Care what's going on around you.  Stop being narcissistic and start giving help to others who are in need.  You can do a volunteer job or do something that would benefit the poor, sick and needy.  Learn to be environmentally friendly and stop being wasteful.
  5. Choose your passion and stick to it!  This will be the basis of your fashion statement as you venture on to being an East Village Hipster.  It is advisable that you wear something out of second hand stores or vintage clothes shops.  Do not even try to wear a designer's outfit.  Have fun and create a get up that will reflect who you are.  Do not be afraid to be different.  You can even get a tattoo that actually signifies something in your life, not some mediocre tribal design that you don't even know the meaning. 

These are the things that would make a great East Village Hipster.  Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.  For all you know, it may do you some good.


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