How To Be Emo

Emo is a very popular style right now. It includes a certain style of music and dress, as well as lifestyle. Here's how to be emo:

  1. Understand the emo culture. "Emo" is a genre of music categorized by sad, emotional lyrics. The exact definition of the emo lifestyle is up for debate, but many believe it involves being emotional, sensitive, thoughtful, and quiet. Many people that identify themselves as emo enjoy photography, poetry, or songwriting. If you're not into emo culture but still dress "emo", you may get called a poser.
  2. Learn about emo music. Emo is emotional rock music; many emo bands are underground or indie, while there are also mainstream choices for emo music. Some people think emo lyrics are "whiny" or "too sensitive", but they strike a chord with many.  Go to a lot of shows to learn about emo music. Emo culture revolves around the music. Today, popular emo bands include Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, and My Chemical Romance. Keep in mind that there are also many local bands that are considered emo.
  3. Dress emo. The emo look involves tight jeans for both guys and girls, along with tight shirts with emo band logos on them. Mix black with bright primary colors. Studded belts and black sneakers (Converse or Vans are best) are also hallmarks of the emo look, as are hoodies. Eyeliner is also used by both guys and girls in the emo world. If you're a girl, you can also wear a black skirt with striped socks or leggings. HotTopic has many emo fashions; stripes and checkers are also popular within emo culture.
  4. Get an emo hairstyle. Dye your hair black or brown, with blonde or brightly colored streaks. Keep your bangs very long, swept to one side, whether you are a girl or a guy. Choppy layers and spikes in the back of your hair are popular. You can even cut it yourself if you want, because the cut should have many layers and be somewhat messy. Girls should cut their hair short; bobs with the underside colored a bright color are very popular. Style it a little messy with hairspray or gel.
  5. Complete your emo look. If you want to go for the emo look, consider getting several body piercings, or thick black-framed glasses. Popular piercing include the lip, eyebrow, or gauged ears. Wear black or brightly colored nail polish. Also wear a stack of thin bracelets and a few band pins or patches.

To be emo, you should dress the part, act the part, and get involved with emo music. Don't try too hard to be emo. Just be yourself, and let it come naturally.


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