How To Be Goth

Are you considering tossing in your jeans and t-shirts for a darker style? Does the sexy vampire look appeal to you? If so, then the Goth culture may be the one for you. Take the following steps and you will be on your way to being Goth.

  1. Embrace the music. One of the core aspects of Goth culture that ties people together is the music. Early bands such as The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy and others make music that will get you into the Goth mood.
  2. Invest in simple black wardrobe pieces. When it comes to wardrobe, the Goth look appears simple – just wear everything black you own all the time. For true Goth style, you need to put a bit more energy into your wardrobe planning. Lean towards clothes that drape and flow in deep rich colors including black and blood reds. Accessorize with lace, fishnets or any dark, antique-looking materials.
  3. Read about the Goth culture and history. The Goth culture has its roots in a 400-year-old subculture that developed in London. In order to understand and embrace the culture, you need to read about that history and how the mindset has evolved over the centuries.
  4. Choose your makeup carefully. The pale, pasty complexion of a Goth should be set off by perfect kohl eyeliner that is applied abundantly. Feel free to be creative with your eyeliner. Consider thick circles or even pointed looks that extend the look of your eye out to the sides of your face.
  5. Embellish the style with your own personal taste. While to outsiders those who dress in Goth style seem to all look the same, there is a lot of room for individual personality. Add your own flair in the way you layer your blacks, try short lacy tops over long sleeve black shirts. Or black bloomers under a flowing skirt.
  6. Ignore people who pass judgment on your appearance. The mainstream culture knows that you are out to rebel and separate yourself from them. That doesn’t mean they have to like it or approve of your look. Tell yourself that their opinions are unimportant at the moment. Let your appearance answer your own personal taste, not anyone else’s.
  7. Develop the mood. The mood of the Goth tends to be both mellow and maudlin. If happy and sparkly is more your natural state, Goth isn’t for you. If you remember the rebellious depth and darkness of your teenage years, then the maudlin nature of the Goth should be easy for you to capture and maintain.

Being Goth isn’t as simple as tossing on some black clothes and leaving the house to head to a Goth-inspired club. If you follow these steps, you can learn to embrace the lifestyle and the wardrobe in order to be a Goth, not just look like one.


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