How To Be Mistaken for a Celebrity

Celebrities are always bombarded by the paparazzi and fans that want to get their autographs and have pictures with them. As a result, celebrities who want to keep their lives private go out in disguises so that people will not notice them as much. In some cases, they even hire other people to look and dress like them so that they can have at least a day to themselves without anybody following them and taking pictures of their every move.

Some people who are craving for attention dress up like celebrities so that the paparazzi can mistake them for one. There are some things that you can do for you to be mistaken for a celebrity. Here are some of them:

  1. Research. First, do some research. Get some entertainment magazines or log on to the Internet and see how celebrities look like when they get caught by the paparazzi while doing some errands. Look at how they dress and take note of the things that are common among different celebrities. This will help you select a wardrobe that will make people mistake you for a celebrity.
  2. Getting the look. What’s ironic about celebrities trying to hide their identity by wearing baggy clothes and dark sunglasses is that they are actually getting more attention to themselves. Some of the common items that celebrities wear when they go out in public are large sunglasses, baseball caps, large hats, scarves and other items to help you get a disguise. Even if you are going indoors, make sure to never remove your hat and your glasses and keep your head down as if avoiding people.
  3. Use your phone. Notice that a lot of paparazzi pictures of celebrities are taken while they are using their mobile phone. They may either be talking to someone or texting someone. Whenever you walk on the streets, be sure to talk on your phone or keep your head down and text someone. This will draw more attention from people.
  4. Get into character. Set your mind on what you are doing and think that you really are a celebrity. This will make your acting more believable. Avoid staring into people’s eyes and remember to keep your head down as much as possible. This is the celebrity behavior that is mostly seen in entertainment shows.
  5. Get a posse. If people are still not convinced after all the things that you have done, it’s time to gather some of your friends to follow you around and pretend to get autographs from you. You can also get a friend who has a camera to follow you around and take pictures of you. It is best to do this in places where there are a lot of people so that you can draw more attention.

These are the things that you can do so that you can be mistaken for a celebrity. It is pretty easy to pretend to be a celebrity, especially if you resemble the frame and style of a certain actor or actress. By doing these things, you will surely know what it feels like to be followed around by a crowd.


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