How To Bead Cascade Earrings

As far back as 2500 BC, earrings were considered a status symbol worn only by royalty and the wealthy. Today, everyone wear them as a fashion statement worn by both men and women. Earrings come in different shapes, colors and materials. For this project, you will have a chance to make cascade earrings. Like a cascade, which means waterfall, this type of earring is long and layered with beads. Making cascade earrings is fun and easy to make. Save money by making your own instead of buying your accessory from stores. Know how to bead your own cascade earrings with these tips.

  • Know your materials. First thing one must do to start beading your own cascade earrings is to familiarize yourself with the basic materials you will need in making simple to complex designs.
        • Craft Beads: There is a wide array of beads to choose from. You can use glass beads, beads made of metal, wood, plastic, stone, bone, horn, ivory, shell, ceramic, resin and even paper. They also come in different shapes. It may be oval, round, square, cylindrical or shaped as stars, butterflies, hearts and flowers. Just choose the best color combinations to go with the look you want to go with your outfits.
        • Spacer Beads: These are beads used to separate the regular bead. They basically break up the monotony of the colored beads.
        • Ear wires: are the hook shaped part of the earring that you insert in your ear piercing. Ear wires may come in gold, silver plated, brass or simple steel.
        • Headpins or Eyepins: Headpins hold the beads together. They are the dangling part of the earring. Eyepins are almost the same as headpins, but have a loop in one end. If you run out of eyepins or forgot to purchase any, you can loop the end of a regular piece of wire.
        • Pliers: Round nose pliers, long nose pliers are usually needed. Round nose pliers are more convenient to use when making loops in your wire.

  • Patterns. You will find a lot of jewelry making books in your local bookstore. You can even look at magazines or go online to see the latest trend in cascade earring designs.
  • Start your project. Here is a very easy design using 10 flat shell dish, 2 earring loops, 2 pieces 5 mm beads, and 10 eyepins. Insert all 10 shell dishes to the eyepins. Form a loop the end of the eye pins using a tip of round nose pliers. Do not close the loop completely. You need that bit of opening to insert another shell and eyepin. Then close the loop of the first shell and eyepin. Repeat the process to attach your third shell and eyepin to the second pair then close. Continue the process until you get to the last shell. Add the 5 mm bead then secure the last loop. Just attach the earring loops at the end of the small bead and you now have your cascade earring.

Once you get the hang of the basics, you are sure to be on your way to making more complicated cascade earrings. Who knows, you might have just stumbled upon a great hobby that you can also make money from.


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