How To Bleach your Jeans

If you love the look of bleached jeans but you don't want to pay an outrageous price for a pair, consider making your own. Grab your favorite pair of blue jeans and follow this guide on how to bleach your jeans.

Step 1

Master the technique first. Before you accidently ruin your new pair of jeans, try experimenting with your jean bleaching techniques first. Use an old pair of denim pants or a scrap piece of blue jean and see what effects you can make using bleach. Try using different tools as well -a toothbrush or a sponge dipped in bleach water and even some elastics wrapped around the jean all have great effects on blue jeans when you're bleaching them. Just make sure you have mastered your preferred bleaching technique before you approach your good jeans with bleach in hand.

Step 2

Work in an open space. Bleach is a very toxic substance. You don't want to be breathing it in for very long, and you definitely don't want to spill it or have a mishap of any sort. It is recommended that you work outdoors when bleaching your jeans, but your garage will do too. You just need to have good ventilation and a forgiving space to work on, in case you spill. You may also want some disposable gloves and eye protection (depending on your chosen jean bleaching technique).

Step 3

Protect the areas you don't want to bleach. You may decide that you don't want to bleach all of your blue jeans. It is possible to keep certain areas of your jeans the solid color. All you need to do is stuff your jeans with newspaper. Make the legs look like a scarecrow! With enough bulk in the legs of your jeans, the bleach that you apply on the front of your jeans won't be able to soak through and affect the back of your jeans.

Step 4

Lay your jeans flat. To get the right look when you bleach your jeans, you need to treat your jeans like an artist's canvas. They need to be laying or hanging absolutely flat so that you can work on your masterpiece without having to deal with wrinkles or unseen areas. Every part of the jean that you want to bleach should be flat and in front of you. To do this, you can lay your jeans out on a table (covered in plastic), or better yet, hang them from a clothesline.

Step 5

Bleach your jeans! Now that you've prepped your jeans, you can begin to bleach them. Start by diluting some bleach in a bucket first with some water first. (A 2:1 ratio is fine). If you so choose, you can transfer the bleach into a spray bottle to get a random splatter effect. Or you can just dip your preferred tool into the bucket and start bleaching your jeans. Be sure to work quickly and evenly to create a uniform yet funky bleached look on your jeans.

Step 6

Rinse your jeans within 5 minutes of starting to bleach them. It's important to rinse your jeans quickly after you get bleach on them. Five minutes is really the maximum you should allow the bleach to sit on the denim, so work to bleach them quickly and then rinse the jeans using your garden hose right away. Proceed to wash your jeans individually in your washing machine. Once dry, you can try on the pants and see how you like the look of bleach on your jeans.


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