How To Break in Kangaroo Leather Shoes

Kangaroo leather is one of the best choices when it comes to shoes. It is durable and at the same time lightweight so it is comfortable to wear. Kangaroo leather is also good if you are going to use the shoes regularly as it is considered one of the most resistant materials when overused. The first thing you have to do when you purchase kangaroo leather shoes is to break them in. By doing this, you will be able to comfortably wear your shoes without worrying about having calluses and blisters on your toes.

Here are the steps on how you can break in your kangaroo leather shoes:

  1. Stretch the shoe. As soon as you go home from the store, you can already break in your shoes by stretching them. Get a shoe and put your hand on the heel and the other on the toe. Stretch the shoe by flexing it back and forth so that the sole of the shoe can loosen up. Do this a couple of times so that the leather can expand and be more comfortable.
  2. Insert balls of paper. One thing you can do to stretch a shoe is to insert balls of paper inside the shoe. This way, the leather can still be stretched even if you are not wearing the shoe. Another thing you can do is to insert a stick inside that matches the length of the shoe. This will allow the shoe to stretch and be more comfortable when you wear it.
  3. Shoe stretcher. You can buy a shoe stretcher that you can use at home. You will have to spend for this only one time as you can use the shoe stretcher for all the shoes that you are going to buy. The shoe stretcher is a shoe shaped object that is made of wood. You can insert the stretcher inside the shoe so that the shoe can get the shape of feet even when you are not wearing it.
  4. Practice wearing the shoes. While you are inside the house, practice wearing the shoes. You can wear socks while wearing the shoes so that you won’t hurt your feet. The additional padding will also help to stretch the leather so that it won’t be too tight when you are wearing it without the socks. Wearing the shoes all the time will eventually make the leather softer and more flexible but this will not affect the durability of the shoe.
  5. Shoe store stretching. If you want, you can get your shoes to a shoe repair store and have them break in your shoes for you. They have other devices and techniques that they use in order to break in the toughest leather shoes but you will have to spend some money when you do this. Make this your last option only if you have already tried to break in your shoes but they are still tough.

These are the options that you have in breaking in kangaroo leather shoes. You can also do these techniques to other types of shoes that you are going to buy.


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