How To Build a Classic Wardrobe

Ours is a world of rapid change and seemingly endless innovation.  However, there are those women who radiate a timeless charm and sophistication.  They have an innate femininity that doesn't bow to the seasons.  Most often, they enchant us through their classic wardrobe.

What comprises a woman's classic wardrobe?  Clearly it's built from pieces that remain in stylish use from year to year. The selection of these pieces depends upon a woman's social circle and budget.

  • Skirts will undoubtedly be the foundation of your classic wardrobe.  Buy a couple of shorter, form-fitting black ones for those nights on the town.  Purchase them from a high quality line because they will easily become favorites.
  • When buying your skirts,  remember to purchase two below the knee-also in basic black.  These need not be as form-fitting .  They might even have a sophisticated print that stands out, but not blaringly so. They can be for more formal use, but can also fill in for more semi-formal settings.  One black pleated skirt of below the length will fill the same function for fall and winter months.
  • As for slacks, three pair will work quite well.  One black pair, one gray pair, and one white or checked pair will probably be enough to mix and match with other pieces.  In the blouse department, select three quality white ones, two white or print ones and two medium gray ones.
  • Let's move on to footwear.  Two pairs of black pumps with slightly squared heels will do the job for your business needs and your semi-formal settings.  They will be highly stylish and will distribute your weight more effectively allowing for longer comfort.  Two pairs of basic black thrill-to-kill stiletto pumps will work wonders for ultra-formal wear as well as the casual scene.
  • Boots are also an important part of your building classic wardrobe.  Two shiny black leather pairs combined with one pair of flat black leather ones will work as long as they are below the knee.  In recent months, much higher boots have been all the rage, but have no place in a truly classic wardrobe.  One pair of flat soled boots will fit the bill during the icy months.
  • How about  accessories for your wardrobe?  A mix of shoulder bags and clutches, thin and thick belts, also will add a dash of color  Scarves and wraps will add even more refinement to your look.   A touch of slightly contrasting color can offer a bit of  excitement.  Gold or silver jewelry that speaks without screaming, "Look at me!"can provide an elegant finishing touch to your classic wardrobe.  A silver coat or jacket would be a great addition.

Now you can show the world your poise and refinement as you continue show everyone your classic wardrobe!


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