How To Build a Wardrobe on a Budget

Building a wardrobe takes patience and time, but when you are on a budget you really have to look at the pieces you are buying. You will need to find the best, lowest price possible and still invest in good quality garments that will wear well with time.

A good wardrobe is going to include some basic pieces every woman should have.  Your basic wardrobe will depend on the kind of lifestyle you lead such as professional or country casual. Each will contain a different type style.

Begin by choosing your main color. The most popular are basic black or bright white. But your basic colors can be dark blue, beige, or khaki. Your main color will decide on your other choices. Always keep your basic color a solid. Do not choose a print for your basic wardrobe color.

You will want to find the best price possible when you build a basic wardrobe on a budget. The best time for shopping for good quality clothing at discount prices are two weeks after the holiday season for winter clothing and the beginning of fall for summer clothing.

End of season sales will include mark downs and clearance racks full of great clothes. Be careful to try on everything you like and make sure it fits properly for the body you have now, not the one you used to dress or the one you plan for next year. If your clothes fit well they will look better and you will present the very best of your body construction.

Every woman needs two pair of good jeans. You don’t have to shop for expensive jeans, but you must buy the right style and fit. Try on several different style of jeans in different sizes. Once you find the best look and fit buy two pair.

Next is a blazer. Choose from a high quality fabric to match the life style you live. Buy a blazer in your  basic chosen color. To this you can add one denim jacket made to fit a woman. If you are female do not shop in the men’s department. You are a woman and no matter what you think a woman’s style will fit you better if you buy the right size.

Buy one pair of dress slacks in your basic color and one pair of comfortable dress shoes to match. At an end of season sale you need to purchase snow boots if you live in cold country. This is a good time to buy a nice coat of good quality and low price you can wear for at least the next five years.

Now you have a basic wardrobe on a budget containing two pair of jeans, two blazers, one pair of dress slacks, shoes and boots. Last add one basic dress in a simple cut with a just above the knee hem line. The dress will work as a more casual style for a day time job and can be dressed up for evening.

Add two silky dress blouses for work, two solid color tee tops to wear with your jeans in a bright color and you are ready with a basic wardrobe on a budget investment. As you watch for sales and clearance items you can add jewelry, scarves, hats and more tops.

But you will always have your well fitted and quality made basic items for years to come. Just shop around and don’t be afraid to check clearance racks. You can find a lot of great deals.


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